WTT 14 Airguns + 19 Scopes available to trade for your FX or Daystate  


Trade/Barter... I Want: FX or Daystate / I Have: 14 Airguns + 19 Scopes + more

I don't want to clutter the forum with back & forth postings or multiple ads, so please email me directly with propositions, questions, or photo requests.  I would be happy to elaborate on descriptions & condition, and I can email you photos of anything if you are serious, but please be realistic & fair with offers. nonsheep atAOL
Rather then putting dollar figures on anything and selling/buying more, I would prefer to just swap toys I am bored with, for new toys. I will gladly trade several of my items for a single quality airgun as long as it is a fair trade, so just email me offers or ideas.

What I am seeking... I would like most FX or Daystate airguns, and I would especially like .25 or .22, any condition is OK.

I may consider other brands, but it would have to be a really good trade for me.

AirGuns I have to trade:

Evanix MAX-ML .25 Silver-Gray/Black all metal with forward grip & 2 mags

Evanix REX .45 w/moderator (well used)

Daystate Huntsman Classic .22 (Walnut wood) w/Leepers 4-16x illuminated scope Ex-Cond

AirArms TDR S410 (Take-Down-Rifle) .22 Vintage with High Gloss Deluxe Wood. not the drab wood sold currently, Ex-Cond

Mrod Extreme Custom .22 Laminate Stock, Carbon Fiber Shroud + Integral LDC, SNake Skin Duracoated, Walther Lothar Match Barrel, Stainless Match Trigger, +more (value $2500+)

Electro-Rod .22 (Mrod bullpup in custom made fiberglass stock, true CF shrouded (quiet!) barrel, with prototype electronic switch fired trigger mechanism = one and only of it's kind = $2500min value, that would be well under $10hr labor!)

BAM B40 .22 Custom (direct copy of the Air Arms TX200 Springer) (high polished blue & deluxe high gloss stock + custom tuned)


Crossman 1400 .22 Take-Down Pump'r (as new)

Sheridan Blue Streak - Vintage 1st Gen fair cond - peep sight - .20

Beeman R10 .20 Springer

Gamo Hunter 220 .177 Springer

RWS Mod.45 .177 Springer - Made in Germany

Beeman pistol P17 .177 (looks like HK P30)

Beeman pistol P3 .177 Made in Germany

Simmons 6-18x40 "Air Gun Competition" Mod 21618 (14.75") used *
CenterPoint 4x32 (10.5") *
UTG 38mm 4.2" Red/Green dot scope *
BSA Red-Dot 30mm w/TacLight & Laser (NEW)
UTG Accushot 2-7x44 30mm (NEW) Mildot (6" LONG eye relief) 36 color LED (12.4") QW0201EV36 *
Beeman BlueRibbon Mod 50R 2.5x32mm (12")
Hawke Vantage 4-16x50 (15.5") 14260 *
Bushnell Banner 6-24x40 71-6244 (15yd-...) (16")
BSA Sweet 22 3-9x40 AO
BSA Essential 3-9x40 AO (NEW)
Leepers 3-9x32 illuminated (mini = 9.25")
UTG 4-16x50 (NEW) illuminated (15.25")
(x scopes = Will not focus clearly under 25-50 yards (ie: rifle scopes))
x CenterPoint 3-9x32 (11.5") *
x AIM 3-9x40 Black Rubberized (NEW) 30mm (12.5")
x AIM 3-9x40 Ultra Compact (7.5") (NEW)
x Powerline 3-9x32 *
x Bushnell Sportview 3-9 KOREA (used) *
x Bausch & Lomb BALVAR BB 2.5-8
x BSA S3-9x32WR (NEW)

I have a 120cf / 100cc Galvanized Steel Sea Pearls Scuba Tank to trade (locally only, because it is too heavy to ship unless you pay s/h)

I also have many Mrod parts, a few Mrod barrels, and several Mrod breech risers.


BAM40 22 10
ElectroRod 002
Crossman1400 22 02
SnakeRod V2 6
AirArms S410 TDR 07B
Evanix MAX ML 25 1

Posted : June 13, 2019 01:13


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