WTS Multiple Rifles Crosman Beeman Benjamin Remington  


Rifles for sale, some New in box, some used, and some tuned. Would prefer to sell locally but would consider shipping, but additional shipping costs would apply. If you have any questions about any rifle just ask!

Let's start with the NIB and New

  • Crosman Phantom .177 $75 each. I have two of these brand new in Box. No mods, come with scope. I could modify the trigger to be easier to shoot and help accuracy. This would be $15 extra. 
  • Beeman AR2078A .22 SOLD
  • Benjamin Discovery .22 SOLD
  • Benjamin Maximus .177 PENDING Second owner, original owner painted the breech and the barrel. Looks good, doesn't take away from look of the gun. Polished hammer, two screw trigger mod, set for 18-19fpe for 30 shots with JSB 10.34. Was a FT guest rifle. 
  • Remington Express .177 $100. Bought from Pyramyd, has trigger work, custom spring guide and was detuned from 16fpe. Shoots 7.89 jsb at 840fps.
  • Chinese B3 Underlever .22 $40. Purchased from an auction, stock was damaged in shipping. Have not tuned or opened, factory gun. 
  • Beeman AR2079A .177 PENDING. Heavily tuned for FT. Custom valve, custom Poppet, custom lightweight (22gram) moly impregnated nylon hammer with PEEK striker and Brass insert for added weight also designed for cock on open, custom SSG, honed and adjusted trigger (sub 1lb second stage breaks like glass), light barrel work for added accuracy, custom bolt probe (actual probe, not a pass through port), stock was modified for a nice flat resting area. Also a regulated ninja 13CUin bottle at 1200psi. Can include a Ram Ball socket hamster eith knee shelf for $75 extra. Shoots sub 1" groups off my knee at 55 yards using JSB 10.34 at 820fps. Awesome little FT gun, perfect for youth, women or compact shooters. 
  • My personal Umarex Gauntlet .177 SOLD
  • Crosman Raven Youth .177 $50. This is a youth compact Piston rifle. Great for kids. Less than 100 shots through it.


Please send Inquiries to:

cameron_kerndt (@) yahoo.com

Or Text/ call: +1(916) 531-2349

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Posted : April 21, 2019 09:53


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