WTS - Leshiy with lots of extras  


Didn't think I would ever get rid of this but it's fishing season and I just got a sweet deal on a new boat so I need to free up some of my play money.

This is one of the first 100 Leshiy's made (serial #59) it's a .22. The hammer has the mod to make it like the Gen2 as well as the spacer on the valve spring. It also has the spring plunger mod to the trigger.

Also comes with a .25 barrel (250mm) and a .177 barrel (350mm with the shroud extensions)

I have mags for both .177 and .22 that are used as "on-board" pellet holders

Also outfitted with what I think is the perfect Leshiy scope – the Burris 4.5-14×32 with offset mounts so that when mounted the scope does not extend beyond the pivot point of the gun.

Comes with both the original reg as well as the Huma reg. I have the Huma set to 107b according to the scale on it. With this reg setting I get the following results:

.177 – 10.34jsb – up to 960fps but tuned at 930

.22 – 16AA – up to 825fps but tuned at 810

.25 – 25.4jsb up to 735 but tuned at 725

Will ship in the original hard case

There are a few marks in the finish due to hunting (mostly under the trigger guard)

Cost new over $2k. Asking $1400 (buyer to pay any fees and shipping from 21009)

If you don't want scope and mounts price is $1200

Message me thru the PM system here or at Basscop2 (at) yahoo.com



Posted : May 15, 2019 15:46


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