WTS Huma-Air Matador Power regulator upgrade  


OK, here's what I have.
I recently purchased a .25 EDgun Matador that was upgraded with the Huma power regulator and since I don't need a 60 + fpe rifle  I'm planning on reinstalling the original regulator but first I need to see if anyone is interested on it before removing it from the gun.
Included will be  the  low profile Huma regulator, the plenum extension and hammer weight , it can be used on the .25 R3 or  R3M models,  asking $ 110 shipping included to the CONUS, Pay pal FF or USPMO.

I got not pictures of the actual pieces because  everything is still in gun but I will take out as soon as someone  wants it , I'm not planning on using the the gun as it is right now , shooting 60 fpe.

I use to be on the BOI all positive I'm not sure how to check that now.
 email me with questions if interested       e.ortiz711 (@) sbcglobal.net


Posted : April 15, 2018 21:11

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