Selling for a customer an accurate DIANA T/H 56 0.22" cal. Price reduced  

Hector J Medina G
Member of Trade

My friend and customer is a Veteran with shoulder problems.

He thought he would be able to cock a full power D56, but he popped his shoulder, again.

No surgery needed, but still therapy. And he cannot shoot heavy cocking airguns.

So, he is selling his D56 T/H in 0.22"

It has been completely re-built, as the 2nd or 3rd owner decided to glue the Muzzle weight and all components in place.With unhappy results.

At great effort, I removed it and put a Harmonics reducer in its place.

It is now one of the most accurate 0.22" cal. D56's I have ever seen. It shoots reasonably well all three weights of JSB Exacts.

"CB " means Cold Bore "T" means transition shots. Groups shot from the FT Sitting position.

Gun is in nice condition:

Gun alone: $900.00 $850 $800 for the rifle plus Sh & Ins.

With ZR Mounts and Vortex optics scope: $1,140.00

Shipping at real cost to wherever you are.

I have already advanced some money to him, so he's not in a hurry, but we cannot stand on it too long, either.

REASONABLE offers are welcome.

Please PM me here.

Thanks for looking!






Posted : 2019-07-22 16:49:07
Hector J Medina G
Member of Trade

Reducing the price

$850 for the rifle plus Sh & Ins.

Posted : 2019-08-14 21:07:50
Hector J Medina G
Member of Trade

Reducing price to $800 + Sh & Ins. for rifle alone.

Posted : 2019-08-20 15:58:58


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