Daisy Model 25 1980s variant  


HI selling my 1980s variant Daisy Model 25 bb gun. Several years ago I purchased it in like new condition. I dont think it was ever shot by the previous owner. It was resealed by Baker Airguns. At that time I was told that it was worth . $200.  It is in very good condition except for he fact I filed another notch in the front sight to adjust for it shooting off to one side. The sights can only adjusted up and down.  I didn't shoot it more than 50 times before losing interest.

Looking for $120 shipped in the USA  Payment to made via Paypal. Deal by PM

Thanks Todd

20190619 095226
20190619 095054
20190619 095047
20190619 095059

Posted : 2019-07-10 02:46:42


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