Benjamin Marauder 25 Power Tuned  


Benjamin Marauder power tuned to 70 ft-lbs.  25 cal. Lothar-Walter barrel (cost $99 new). Hammer Debounce Device (cost $40 new) installed.

Standard wood stock. It has a 1/8" hole drilled into the wood on the side to access the power tuning screw.  It was power tuned for $75 by Dave Rogers at Addicted2Airguns. (He no longer has this company.)

I was out-of-town when I posted this. I forgot it comes with an air reservoir extension from Talon Tunes (cost $75 new) which increases the air reservoir capacity from 225 cc to 305 cc. Also comes with a Swiss Arm foldable bipod (cost $30 new).  Also a couple tins of 25 cal ammo. So I increased the price to $300 plus shipping. Sorry for the confusion -- my mistake.

Private message me, or, or text me at 412-326-5348

MRod Bottom
MROD Tuning Hole
MROD Pressure Gauge
MROD Chamber Ext
MROD Full Viwe

Frank Shaffer

Posted : April 23, 2019 10:17

I am temporarily putting this sale on hold for a few days do I can post more info about it, such as shot strings (velocity vs pressure) a f photos of shot groups.

Apologies for any inconvenience 


Frank Shaffer

Posted : May 11, 2019 07:15


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