.22 cal cricket standard  


02059F9E 2A59 4C4A A482 179C23318337
78FB5258 6D09 478A A0E7 5CEAF7E539F3
2A35BB82 2B6C 44B0 9B78 3EE4F0D4D637
CC267330 6CE0 4BB4 938D 0B4E3DBDD21D
F8B24060 7B29 4A09 8949 D75B38A36981
5FAD674A 5813 4F3A AC68 4F1ECE9833EB
3197CB52 0303 4EE8 8D7D C45669FEC098

The one with the black stock in .22 cal 2 mags and rifle only scope and bipod not included. She has holes drilled around base of shroud and a slot in the  side plate milled to hold the mag retainer pin in place also has a bipod rail attached. Asking 875 shipped pay plus 3% for more details dmitsme@yahoo.com

Posted : 2019-09-11 11:45:59

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