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Crosman Vigilante - Wood Grips?  


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2018-11-02 12:52:05  

I'll be honest - the factory plastic grips on the Vigilante are terrible.  They wiggle and squeak, and although it's a fine pellet gun, those grips make it seem like a toy.  In searching for upgrades, a found a lot of Vigilante owners have ditched the grips altogether.  They state it's better anyway because your hands warm up the CO2 cartridge yielding more shots.  😀  Coolness!  Now, I have no evidence, but wimpy plastic snap-in parts like these usually break sooner rather than later.  I have not seen aftermarket grips, although they may well exist.

So I'm posting to ask for some guidance from experienced wood workers.  My thinking is to start with a basic block of hardwood.  Route out a channel so the CO2 fits.  Add pins that mate to some of the frame voids to align the grip onto the frame.  Then use a single inset flat top thumb screw type fastener.  A close friend of mine makes guitars and offered me "scraps" of some really exotic hardwoods!

What are your thoughts?  Should I just live with it?  Or do you think such a project would be worth a try ?  Thanks in advance for any input you can offer!

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2018-11-06 23:24:33  

well any idea is worth a trying and that's first off and any idea that doesn't hurt the subject of your idea can only succeed or fail, so no harm no foul

I think I would go to Crosman and get s spare set of grips and see if you can make them fit better on the grip frame, epoxy putty would be used to put anchor points or even fix one grip to the frame so only one can be removed

but here's the but it is 50 buck pellet pistol, what is it worth to make the grips right, if you have the bits and pieces that's a start but if you are start with no supplies well then where do you stop spending

I would add a pin in the bottom front corner of each grip and rivets would be my choice and they would be in there own new hole

so you would fill the grips and mount them drill the frame with the rivet diameter and put the rivet in the frame and do the same for the other side, so is it perfect no but it will help

you might have to epoxy the rivets in place but it would be my starting point

on the wood grips your main problem is how are you going to fasten them on the grip frame before you make the panels

just some observation, all I could do is look at some picture so some guessing on my part

good luck and take care



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2018-11-07 06:16:41  

When I had a Vigilante,my plastic grip panels would shift this way and that. You could grip the gun tightly and then grab the barrel and wiggle all around.

I took off the grips and ran a piece of black electrical tape around the outside of the grip frame. It took up the slack of those grip panels.

Made a big difference.     Works until someone comes up with wood.  😉  

Will S.
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2019-04-23 09:56:00  

Just a thought...If your plastic grips shift, what if you sanded down the inside face of the thru hole for the attachment screw just a little bit.  The grips would be squeezed a little bit tighter around the edges.



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