Added brass tips to...

Added brass tips to Lathe spider Bolts.  


Chris Oldfield
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April 7, 2019 16:43  

Made the spider to fit my SB years ago to fit the left side of the lathe head to do barrel work. Shorted the bolts and put brass tips on them.  Turned out good and was pretty quick.. Chris


20190224 151147
20190224 151119
20190224 145225

DSC 0009   Copy

Chris Oldfield
Independence, Kentucky 41051

Mike Ellingsworth
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April 14, 2019 18:53  

Chris I need  to make one  for the barrel work also  , somehow I never get around to  making  it getting busy with everything else.  looks  great,  really nice .

the milled  flats for the  nut  was a nice  touch I dont have a mill so mine will be without the nice flats

what size  bolts  are  they 

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