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SVFTC .... JUNE 2019 Match report  


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2019-06-24 10:28:35  

What a turn out ! .... It would seem that some poor planning / dates of the previous months had a whiplash effect and a whole lot of folks wished to come out and shoot some Field Target today.
No less than 26 shooters converged on the Yolo shooting centers Cowboy Town. We found the gates open at an early 7:30 getting after it setting up, it was to be a HOT day so speed in getting this match Run-n-done was paramount. Thank you to those there early & helped getting that accomplished.

As the set up progressed an old mans math error ( Me ) ran the numbers of an @ 50 shot course ... well we got 58 shots realizing things were to take a bit longer, But NO PROBLEM there all up to it .. I think ?
We had @ 1/2 hour of practice then had our shooters meeting ( Did I say what a LOT of folks ) standing room only all crowd around. Safety issues, WELCOMING back a few shooter we had not seen for a couple seasons, getting a few NEW shooters concerned addressed along with the lets keep moving 5 min per person per lane and off we went to go Knock-Em-Down.

In the @ 3 1/2 hours it took we had only 2 minor lane issues needing no target replacements. Everyone hung in there moving at an even pace and shot the whole match having all 26 score cards accounted for .... NICE !

Results as follows:

Jack C 50

A.J. 4

Cameron K 39
Jessica K 32
Jim P 28

Riz M 51
Son l 51
Dave C 48
Dana w 42
Robert S 40
Tak A 40
Darren T 29

Martin O 51
Fred B 50
Chris k 50
Jim M 50
Scott S 48
Frank W 41
Kevin S 40
Craig J 40
Zack L 39
Robb R 33
Conrad R 33
Ashley U 31
Darren C 20
Ahmed 18

Super speedy tear down with much help by those who could and we're into the clubhouse for some lunch. Hotdogs, Tater salad, Chips & Drinks ... Cookies too.
So comes to an end the continuing saga of the SACRAMENTO FIELD TARGET CLUB. We are growing and getting a lot of new faces & interest in the game we call Air Gun Field target. We have an outstanding blend of personalities that blend very well providing a pleasurable experience whom ever you squad with ... Good friends + Good times always make for a great day & WE HAD A GREAT DAY !

THANK YOU to all who made it out, THANK YOU for the continued support & participation in monthly FT events
Looking forward to seeing you all once again next month ... IONE at the SACRAMENTO VALLEY SHOOTING CENTER on Saturday July 27th.

Scott S
SVFTC Match director.


................... @ Northern California USA ....................
Sacramento Valley Field Target Club SVFTC Scott S

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2019-06-25 16:44:12  

Great match, loads of fun! Next time I'll be better prepared with my new scope. After working on Jessica's 97 and getting it tuned I wish my gun shot at smooth as hers. Looks like I'll be making a new guide this week, mine just needs to be a tad snugger. 

Shout out to all the new comers! Ahmed rocking the gamo urban and A.J. shooting his untuned full powered 77. We were lucky enough to have two of our friends meet us from Vacaville and spend the morning/ afternoon with us. 

Kevin being a first time FT shooter shot my rapid and did a very good job. 


Until next time!

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