Sunday January 6th ...

Sunday January 6th FT@ DCFS in Pa.  


doug bruestle
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2018-12-26 09:24:27  

This will be a 50 shot match on Mike Harris' AAFTA course. "Hawke Valley "or lower course @ DELAWARE COUNTY FIELD AND STREAM 

ItIt will be a European style match with one shot at each target.

3 standing lanes

3 kneeling lanes

Steep up and steep down angled shots.

Mid distance targets reduced to legal AAFTA limits.

Each lane to have at least one 45 - 55 yard target.

Registration and sight in @ the Top of the hill target range.

Sight in @ 8:00am

Match starts @ 9:15am 

More info contact Mike Harris @ 215 349 0201 or email

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2019-01-01 00:08:35  

So I'm confused as to the European style. So no type of shooting sticks?

Chris C.
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2019-01-01 06:41:21  

Josh, no you can use your sticks. You will taking 1 shot per target instead of 2. Mike is still having all the classes (WFTF, Open, Hunter)

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