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Sacramento Valley Field Target Match - September 28th, Ione CA - Match Report added  


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Your Invited: Sacramento Valley Field Target Match - NEXT Saturday September 28th, Ione CA

Come on out and join us for a fun match next Saturday. We will set up a challenging but fun course to give you a chance to test your skills in shooting Field Target. They are predicting a cooling trend for next weekend so it should be an enjoyable match.

Location: Sacramento Valley Shooting Center - Directions found here:


NOTE: You will encounter road closed signs on Ione Road!! The road from the north (highway 16) is open to the range. The road from the south is closed, take 99 to Dillard Road then right on Highway 16 to Ione Road.

Upon arrival at the range take a right at the 'T', near the range office, up the hill to Range 9 (First range past the Cowboy Shooters range). The match is open to anyone interested in learning about Field Target competition as well as experienced shooters.
Equipment requirements: .177 or .22 caliber air rifle shooting at 20 foot lbs of energy or less. Almost all spring powered or piston air rifles qualify. Most .177 PCP rifles and most .22 PCP air rifles shooting 750 fps of less qualify.

Optional but recommended, a set of shooting sticks or adjustable bi-pod and a bucket or stool to sit on while shooting. Eye protection is required for all participants and observers.

The Game: We will be shooting a field target match using knock down targets at ranges from 10 to 55 yards with bullseyes from 0.5 to 2.0 inches.

Course set up:...............8:00 am
Regstn and Sight In ......8:45 am
Match start:...................9:30am (approx)

Other information:
Match fees will be $20 per person
Cold Beverages and light lunch will be provided

Questions? Contact Jim Cyran at jimcyran "at" pacbell "dot" net


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ANOTHER MATCH so soon ??? ..... LOL

Will be sure to freshen up the clubs targets after a 2 day beat down at the Cal State championship last weekend.

CYA in IONE next Saturday the 28th.


................... @ Northern California USA ....................
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Posted for Scott Schneider Match Director

Looking like the hot days of summer were left behind for this months FT match at the Sacramento Shooting Center being in the upper 90's not 4 day ago! We had a mid upper 60's day with high overcast having everything look shaded and muted which makes for some interesting range finding and just a weird hue of the landscape in general.

With days getting shorter we figured lets show up at 8:00 and get some help from the crew which is what happened being ready for practice by @ 8:45. With about 45 min of paper punching and realizing the ever present IONE winds were going to play with us no matter our feelings to the contrary. Quick shooters meeting with a side note on the past months activities with club members At the pyramid cup in Ohio early September and our hosting of the California state match 2 weeks ago. Been a busy month for quite a few of us yet here we are to do it once more! Squads assigned we're off the running by @ 9:45 with 17 able and willing shooters addressing 14 lanes and 58 shots. (3 bell targets for off hand / kneeling)

Results are as follows; xx / 58

Jim C 53
Fred B 49
John B 46
Scott S 41
Rob R 39
Frank W 38
AJ 29
Larry G 23

Mark W 42
Zack L 32
Jesse A 20
Ken D 18

Dave C 51
Jack C 33

Son L 49
Riz M 46

WFTF Piston
Jim P 39

Remember that WIND .. well it was not a lot, but did do a near 180* switch from practice to match time and kept changing enough to really boggle many shooters lane to lane. You would be shooting one lane with a healthy windage fudge knocking down targets, then a short time later what felt equal in wind would bite you and you would be missing ... such was the day for many.

Every one as they finished up were able to eat right away having HOT Chili, Wieners with buns and condiments. Had the crew go out and clear the course before awards followed with AWARDS .. or as it is mentioning the top finish positions per class. Thank you once again for a another great match with near every ones help to get it set and taken back down promptly and put away for another day.

** October 27th a Sunday, in YOLO is going to be our Member Appreciation Match Where we will have raffles and goodies for those in attendance who shot 2 or more SVFTC matches this year. It is our way of saying THANK YOU for supporting the SVFTC each season. Extra funds collected that is beyond our costs and expenditures over the year gets returned via this years end match and raffle. While we plan on a November match to end the season officially, it is weather dependent.

Looking forward to seeing ALL OUR MEMBERS one last time before winters here .... Keep practicing and we'll see you in October.

Scott Schneider
Jim Cyran

Pictures of the Star Wars set below

Ione 09 19 3
Ione 09 19 4
Ione 09 19 2
Ione 09 19 1

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