OKC’s 2nd FT match ...

OKC’s 2nd FT match results. Great turnout, great fun!  


dave cole
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2019-08-18 13:26:09  

Just a quick recap on today’s match at the Oklahoma City Gun Club in Arcadia OK. (Just outside Oklahoma City)

2nd match for the club today (Saturday) and was just as much fun as the first. Still a little bit of a learning curve for them but the enthusiasm made up for any shortcomings. 

A total of twelve entries,11 HFT and 1 Open PCP paired up and started knocking down targets at 8:30a. A few of the targets gave them fits but only one had to be removed. 

With a slight breeze at our backs and under the canopy we wrapped up just before noon as the temperature creeped to the 90’s. 

I didn't check KZ sizes and distances but I’d have to guess the Troyer scale had to have been in the low to mid twenty’s. Which is great for most of the guys and gals (yes, we had two ladies) as some are learning the nuances of FT shooting.

Watch for great things in FT from this club. As I said, the enthusiasm, camaraderie, and a willingness to be the best will shine through in the coming months.

Michael came down from Wichita KS. and Keith came over from Ada OK as well as Rick and his daughter Staci (who did a great job considering she was shooting a Gauntlet I loaned her) came down from Collinsville OK. 

Michael Ashworth        45/48 Open PCP 

Rick Cuccio                 43/48 

Mike Massie                43/48

Dave Cole                   43/48

Keith Flowers              42/48 

Staci Cuccio                41/48

Pearl Stonebreaker     37/48

Tony Smith                  35/48

Bob Benda                  35/48

Joe Underwood          33/48

Larry Miller                 24/48

MKA                           10/48

Next match is the third Saturday in September. Contact either Pearl – daisymae1152@msn.com or Lindell – lcanary@cox.net for further information.

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