Oct. 20th- mark you...

[Sticky] Oct. 20th- mark your calendar! Concord, FT Match with Dope and Trade afterwards!  


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2019-09-16 18:54:58  

Wanted to get this out early- Oct. 20th, after our Concord FT match- 8:30 to 1:00 pm, we'll keep the range open for those who want to work on their dope, and we'll have the Education building available for you to sell your Airgun gear, guns, and accessories.

Set up at 1:00 pm, no guns uncased until examined by a Diablo RSO-> please <- everything comes into the Range in a case if it can shoot... we'll be using zip ties and other bright devices to indicate empty airguns.

Of course, we'll have a bay opened for shooting non Field target guns for those who want to take a prospective gun for a test ride. .25 cal maximum allowed, no powder burning shooting.
No fee or percentage for trading participants.


Concord, CA at the USI Range


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