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Nov. 3 match - Central Carolina Gun Club  


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Sight in at 9:00, match starts at 10:00.  Registration and info here:

You can register and pay online, or just show up at the match.  Please bring exact change.

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Sorry this took so long to get posted.  You guys missed a good one.

Central Carolina Gun Club Match Report – 2018 November 3 
Location: 3668 Fleming Graham Rd., Burlington, NC 
Temperature: 47-60 °F
Wind: Primarily out of the W at 10 MPH with gusts to 20+ MPH   
Number of Targets: 30 (60 points maximum)   
Average Distance: 29.7 yards (7 targets over 40 yards)   
Average Kill Zone: 1.12”   
Course Difficulty: 29.7T, with wind ~32T


Nov 3 match results


A total of twelve shooters enjoyed the beautiful fall weather.  Temperature during the morning sight in was probably the coolest so far this year.  You can definitely tell winter will be here soon.   Everyone agreed that the wind was very challenging.  The dampening effect of the trees helped calm things down for lanes in the woods, but the partially sheltered lanes and open lanes were a different story.  The gusts came quickly and eventually caught everyone at least once.  Tricky winds are part of the fun, which made this match a real riot. 


There were a total of six shooters in the Hunter division.  JD shot 52 (high score of the match) to take first, followed by John with a 49.  Congratulations JD, your trip all the way from TN was definitely worthwhile.  Miguel and Philip both shot a 47 and decided not to deal with a shoot off.  Mike finished with a 42 and Jody had a 36.  Art was the sole Open shooter and finished with a 42.  The WFTF division saw a couple of new faces.  Jimmy shot a 45 in only his second match.  This will be a guy to watch.  Curt finished with a 47.  Scott is still sorting out his new Anschutz and did not complete the course.   Will and Gerald both finished with a score of 49.  So Will was the second new shooter, but only to WFTF.  Will’s abilities are well established, so look for him to be a WFTF contender in 2019.


CCGC would like to thank everyone that made it out for what will probably be the last match of 2018.   The plan is to spend the winter months adding and re-positioning targets to make a “new” course for next year.   A CCGC FT match schedule for 2019 will be posted soon. 

Gerald Long

FT Match Director

Central Carolina Gun Club



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