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Northeast Ohio Airgunners (N.O.A.) Field Target Match Sunday May 19th MATCH REPORT W/ SHOOT-OFF VIDEO  


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2019-05-12 20:16:16  

The Northeast Ohio Airgunners (N.O.A.) will be holding a field target match this Sunday, May 19, 2019, at Twin Oaks Air Rifle Range in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Sight-in starts at 8:00am and match starts at 10:30am.

The current weather forecast for now calls for chance of scattered thunderstorms and high of 75F.  With this potential for rain, please pay attention to your email if we decide to cancel the match.

The weather now calls for partly cloudy skies and a high in the mid 80's with very little chance of rain.  It looks like we will have another good day to shoot.

Weather Forecast

We will once again be holding this match on the field course since the woods course trail is still wet and muddy in areas.  

We will have the bathroom in the club house available for use as electricity has been restored.

Please be aware that this is private property and we are graciously being offered the use of the land by the property owner so be respectful and considerate.  We will be providing various signs throughout the property as well as on Bell Street to help direct you to the range and parking areas.

The day’s agenda will be:

  1. Sight-in range opens at 8 am.
  2. Registration from 8 till 9:30 am.
  3. Shooters meeting at 10 am.
  4. Match starts at 10:30 am
  5. N.O.A. provided lunch and awards ceremony at the conclusion of the match.


Match Fees:

Members $10

Non-Members $15

Under 18 years of age $5

Shoot-off from last match:

We will include our Novice and Junior classes. The idea of these classes is to provide an airgun shooting opportunity for inexperienced shooters.  Some of you, probably all of you, have family members or friends that might like to join you on the course, but they are not really up to the full blown FT challenge.  Well, here’s the answer, they can join you and shoot the course in the Novice or Junior class.

All shooters under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  If the parent or guardian is not going to shoot the match, they still need to supervise the minor at each lane on the field target course for the entire match.  One parent or legal guardian may accompany up to two minors.

Here is a link to Under Age Shooters

Come and join us, bring a friend, and please send us an email through our website or to me at the email address shown below to let us know you’re coming. You can visit our website for directions to the range and other information:

Please note that Google Maps or Siri will take you to the wrong destination if you use the actual physical address of 9911 Shadow Wood Circle, Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023 for directions.  Access is off of Lucky Bell Lane NOT Wake Robbin Drive.  Please visit our website for written directions and look for our N.O.A. sign on Bell Street on match day.


Jeff Paddock

Jeff P
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2019-05-20 15:20:27  

(Match Report by Tyler Patner)

High winds highlighted this last match at NOA.  Shooting on the field course, with a completely different layout thanks to the fine work of Jeff Paddock, the second match of the year was possibly the toughest yet.  27 brave souls took on the challenge presented by the wind.  The weather was beautiful otherwise, with temps in the 80s all day and the sun beating down.  The wind actually kept things bearable while you weren’t on the firing line.  Upon sitting down at the firing line, you began praying to the wind gods for a break. 

NOA May 85

NOA May 120

NOA May 109

With winds whipping through the course at 15-20mph, constantly changing direction, the 31.2 Troyer course shot more like 34T.  I can say with certainty, it was one of the toughest courses I’ve had the displeasure of shooting.  Many of the mid-range reduced targets became extra tricky with the wind.  The average distance was 33 yards and the course featured 11 targets over 40 yards.  There were multiple times where I sat down at the line, with the wind going one direction, only to have it change directions 3-4 times before I was ready to shoot.  Occasionally, you would get lucky and have a lull just long enough to get a shot off.  This was the first match I can recall hearing those shooting 20 FPE talking about holding outside of the kill zone. 

NOA May 128

As the day progressed, the winds only increased.  So much so, that one of the pop-up tents we had setup for shade in the field was ripped out of the ground just after the match concluded.  No matter where you started on the course, the wind took a toll on all, some more than others.  In Hunter PCP, Tom Himes showed up with the wrong pellets for his gun, but managed to put up a 48/60 and tied with Jeff Little for top honors in the class.  More on the shoot off later.  Ed Loaskie continued his winning ways in Hunter Piston with his TX200, edging out Dan Putz by just one shot.  Dan brought along his wife Kristin, who did very well for her first time, putting up a 33 in Hunter PCP.  We hope she will join us again soon.  In Open PCP, Keith Walters shot a 47.  Keith started the day very strong, but eventually the winds crept in on him and his Thomas, nonetheless, he had a good showing in just his second match shooting from a bumbag.  In WFTF PCP, Tyler Patner took top honors shooting the match high score of 52/60...all without a windicator. 

To settle the tie between Tom Himes and Jeff Little, a 1” KZ rabbit was placed at about 35 yards with another 1.5” KZ target at 45 yards.  Each shooter had to hit the first target to move to the second.  Tom won the pellet tin lid “coin” toss, and elected to go first.  He knocked down both targets quickly, followed promptly by Jeff.  I gave them the option of going to kneeling or standing next, Jeff yielded the decision to Tom, at which point Tom approached the line in the standing position.  He calmly dispatched the first target, but did not have enough to take the longer target.  Jeff stepped up, said something like “I’d be better off throwing the pellet” and was unable to match Tom on the first target.  See the short video of the shoot off below. 

NOA Match Report 5.19.19 SCORES

We were treated to some tasty chili dogs courtesy of Ted Andro, who shot what I believe is his personal best with a 46/60 in Hunter PCP (way to go!) and lemonade for lunch.  Awards were handed out after the shoot off and then we tore down the course.  Thanks to everyone who came out for the match, the great attendance keeps us going!  And a special thanks to those who come on Saturday to help set up and those who stay after the match to help tear down.  Your help is greatly appreciated.  We are looking forward to our June 2nd match with great anticipation and we hope to make it back into the woods by then.

Link to PDF Match Report

Link to All Match Pics

Link to N.O.A. Match News Post

Jeff P

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2019-05-20 15:28:49  

Great FT shoot!  Thank you to all for putting on such an awesome event.

Tom Himes


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