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Northeast Ohio Airgunners (N.O.A.), Field Target Match, Sunday June 2nd, MATCH RESULTS  


Jeff P
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2019-05-28 19:09:53  

The Northeast Ohio Airgunners (N.O.A.) will be holding a field target match this Sunday, June 2, 2019, at Twin Oaks Air Rifle Range in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Sight-in starts at 8:00am and match starts at 10:30am.

The current weather forecast for now calls for chance of morning and early afternoon rain and high of 66F.  With this potential for rain, please pay attention to your email if we decide to cancel the match.

weather forecast

We will try to hold this match on the woods course although we will not know for sure until Saturday setup.  Forecast calls for rain most of the week so there is the potential for it to be too wet to use the woods course.  

We will have the bathroom in the club house available for use as electricity has been restored.

Please be aware that this is private property and we are graciously being offered the use of the land by the property owner so be respectful and considerate.  We will be providing various signs throughout the property as well as on Bell Street to help direct you to the range and parking areas.

The day’s agenda will be:

  1. Sight-in range opens at 8 am.
  2. Registration from 8 till 9:30 am.
  3. Shooters meeting at 10 am.
  4. Match starts at 10:30 am
  5. N.O.A. provided lunch and awards ceremony at the conclusion of the match.


Match Fees:

Members $10

Non-Members $15

Under 18 years of age $5

We will include our Novice and Junior classes. The idea of these classes is to provide an airgun shooting opportunity for inexperienced shooters.  Some of you, probably all of you, have family members or friends that might like to join you on the course, but they are not really up to the full blown FT challenge.  Well, here’s the answer, they can join you and shoot the course in the Novice or Junior class.

All shooters under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  If the parent or guardian is not going to shoot the match, they still need to supervise the minor at each lane on the field target course for the entire match.  One parent or legal guardian may accompany up to two minors.

Here is a link to Under Age Shooters 

Come and join us, bring a friend, and please send us an email through our website or to me at the email address shown below to let us know you’re coming. You can visit our website for directions to the range and other information:

Please note that Google Maps or Siri will take you to the wrong destination if you use the actual physical address of 9911 Shadow Wood Circle, Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023 for directions.  Access is off of Lucky Bell Lane NOT Wake Robbin Drive.  Please visit our website for written directions and look for our N.O.A. sign on Bell Street on match day.


Jeff Paddock

Jeff P
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2019-06-04 11:47:24  

(Match Report by Tyler Patner)

NOA June 78

After a long night of rain, the woods course at the Twin Oaks Air Rifle Range was wet and muddy.  Even with the new wood chip walkway to the course, the course itself was quite tough to traverse in many spots due to standing water.  With temps in the mid 60s, and overcast skies, the course was cool and dark. 

NOA June 31

NOA June 102

We had 24 shooters brave the mud and take on the tough course.  With a Troyer of 32, and 15 targets over 40 yards, the course was very tricky.  With a subtle wind coming through the lanes towards the end of the day, and the darkness making ranging harder than normal, the course shot more like a 34T.  Shooters at both power levels definitely made note of the tricky winds that seemed to be invisible to us all as many commented that they had a few shots that took turns out of nowhere.  And with many targets on the long side, it definitely made you pay close attention to each shot. 

Despite the conditions, most shooters seemed to enjoy themselves, and thankfully, everyone made it out relatively clean.  As scores came in, it was clear that there was a lot of competition in the Hunter PCP division.  With Tom and Dennis Himes in attendance, Jeff Little shooting on form, and Bill Rabbitt making a return to Hunter with his new Thomas rifle, scores were sure to be tight.  They did not disappoint, as Dennis turned in an impressive 53, edged out by Bill with a 54.  Not to be outdone, Jeff shot a 55.  But sure enough Tom dominated the course with a 57/60, for the overall high score for the day. 

NOA June 123

NOA June 75

In Hunter Piston, Eric Jones and his Diana 54 turned in a solid 31 to take top honors in the class.  Keith Walters continues his winning ways in Open PCP, posting a 50.  And Tyler Patner delivered a 52, coming in just one point ahead of Jeff Paddock. 

Sandwiches, mac n’ cheese and green beans were on hand for lunch at the conclusion of the match thanks to Kristen Coss.  As we left the course, the sun started to peak out and it turned out to be a really beautiful afternoon.  After the awards were handed out, the course was torn down with plenty of help.  A big thank you to all who stuck around and assisted with that.  And thanks to everyone who came out and shot this match, we know the weather forecast was iffy and the course itself was in less than desirable condition, but the shooting and camaraderie were great!  We appreciate the support and look forward to our next match, which is scheduled for July 21st.  For those attending the Crosman match at the end of the month, good luck and shoot straight!

NOA Match Report 6.2.19 SCORES

Link to All Match Pics

Link to PDF Match Report

Link to N.O.A. Match News Post

Jeff P

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2019-06-04 12:17:26  

Great course and lots of fun.  Thank you.

Tom H.

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2019-06-04 13:02:14  

Great job Jeff/Tyler. I love reading well written reports like this one that includes the equipment used by competitors. 

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2019-06-05 08:09:43  
Posted by: Uglyjohn

Great job Jeff/Tyler. I love reading well written reports like this one that includes the equipment used by competitors. 

Ditto what John stated. Great to hear all went well. Weather in Ohio in early June is a crap shoot..... as I know so well. LOL 

I wish I could have been there.

Venice, FL


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