Next DIFTA match Su...

Next DIFTA match Sunday July 7  


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2019-06-29 08:51:59  

Our next match is Sunday July 7. Match fee $10 for IWLAWAC members and $15 for visitors. As usual it would be great to get help running strings starting around 8:30 am. Sight in range and registration opens at 9:00 am. Safety meeting and squad assignments at 9:50. Match starts at 10:00 am sharp.

Paolo will be setting a 72-shot match with 12 shots forced position/limited time. The average difficulty of the course will be between 28T and 30T, with  several shots above 40T and also a few bonus shots not to demoralize less proficient shooters.

If there is interest, after the match we will light the grill and have our usual potluck BBQ.

Directions to the course and other information can be found on the Chapter website
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Paolo Amedeo
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2019-07-07 14:10:09  

My sincere apologies for not posting here the cancellation of today's match. DIFTA official communication channel is, a mailing list that you can join by following this link or by contacting me, asking to send you an invitation. The difference between the two is that, by requesting to join, you need to create a Yahoo account, whereas I can send you an invitation via e-mail to join only the mailing list (no need of Yahoo account, but the invite, most of the times, ends up in the junk folder).

I want to thank Scott Broom, Hector Medina, and Jay Hannon in helping clearing most of the lanes from trees fallen during the severe thunderstorms of the past few days.

The next match will be Saturday, August 3, weather permitting.

Right now, 9 out of the 12 lanes have been cleared and will likely have a work party and need to use heavy equipment to clear a couple of trees dangerously entangled.

Please, join the mailing list, in order to be sure to receive last minute announcements and cancellations.



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