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New and Exciting Times for Field Target at Heflin!! Next Match Saturday July 14th.  


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2018-06-16 13:59:39  
Hello all, 
I wanted to give the field target community an update on what we are doing here in Heflin.  Change is in the air and we are very excited.  
Some time back, I sought for and gained affiliation with the UKAHFT in the UK.  I had dabbled in it for years and as many of you may remember, a UKAHFT course was in place and during the 2014 Nationals.  Some of us even shot it during the downtime.    Also, a few may have noticed our pegs in place during the recent 2018 Southern Open.  
After much deliberation and having consulted with Heflin PARD and the mayor,  the decision was made to run the UKAHFT  style of field target (or WHFT "Word Hunter Field Target") exclusively in Heflin.  This will be the only style of FT that we will be supported here on a monthly basis.   It will culminate in a regional UKAHFT match at the end of the year or early next year.  
Back in 2008 or so, when all this started, our goal was to bring FT here with the hope of getting our local population interested in a sport involving airguns and hunting, but participation on the local level has been almost nonexistent.  The folks here own airguns in droves.  I have met many who come out and use the sight in facility, yet no one seems interested in playing the game.  Contrast this with the enthusiastic participation in 3D archery at Heflin.  
Having been involved in both the traditional FT games and UKAHFT for years, I can see that the UKAHFT game is set up for and better suited for people to participate with the airgun they already own.  It is also much more closely aligned with hunting and this is really a big deal locally.  This is also true of 3D archery, it mimics hunting and that's why it is so popular.    
The fact is, there are just as many airguns here as bows (probably more) and many, many more gun hunters than bow hunters.   Having a hunting game with "rifles" that closely resembles the 3D archery game will be a winner.   UKAHFT does this very well.   
We have three clubs (including Heflin) that cater to FT so I feel that our efforts are redundant.  My hope is that they guys already involved in FT will see this as an opportunity to shoot another game and that they will come out and participate.  
Nevertheless, we are moving forward with this plan.  I have contacted all of our local shooters to let them know of the changes and have informed the BoG of the decision.  I plan to continue to post results here on the FT forum, as well as the UKAHFT website.   Our normal match day will remain the first Saturday of the month but first match under the new format is July 14th because of the holiday and a work conflict.  
Any of you that are interested in what this is and how it's played, please feel free to contact me.
Here are some links to the rules>  
Finally, I would like to thank all of you who have made the trek down to Alabama to shoot with us.  I do sincerely hope that you will come visit us again and try this new game.  It is tremendous fun!!
All the best!!
Paul Oswalt

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2018-07-05 21:37:12  

Hi all,   

In addition to the new game, we will  be testing and evaluating something we are calling Novelty Shots.  These lanes will not adhere to any current FT rules and will be scored separately.  We are exploring different things and would certainly welcome your feedback.  
Also, I have received permission from the UKAHFT governing body to allow rifles over 12fpe/under 20fpe.  So if you have one and want to come play, then come on.  This is due to the fact that many rifles sold in the local stores are too powerful out of the box.  These shooters will be classed accordingly.  
Come on out and give it a go, it's gonna be fun!!
See you then!!

I’m on the new BOI and the old BOI ...😁


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