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NC State FT Championships - July 28, 2018 - Ennice, NC  


Scott A.
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2018-06-30 16:50:11  

This is our fifth annual championship match.   Please come out to Ennice for a great day of shooting, food, and friendship.

Info and registration is  HERE.

Here are some photos from a recent match in Ennice.

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Will Piatt
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2018-07-29 23:09:46  

Twenty one shooters came out to enjoy beautiful mountain weather in the mid 70's with light but tricky breezes. The course was a combination of woods and open field with a lot of variety at about 32 Troyer, not friendly to new shooters. We had one historically reliable target malfunctioning, failing to fall for all but a few guns right at the 20 fpe limit. That protested target was awarded to all who missed it and unfortunately that did affect final placements. We had a long and exciting shoot off between Philip Hepler and Jody Morrison for 3rd place in hunter with Jody finally dropping the offhand target for the podium. Both shooters appeared to have ice water in their veins! Raymond and Miguel have been working hard on their equipment and practicing and it paid off with them winning the Open and Hunter classes respectively. We chowed down on baked spaghetti, salad, and cheesecake while socializing.  Thanks to all who came out. I am having trouble with my pictures so anyone attending please post yours.


Miguel Sanchez        51

Ammon Piatt            49

Jody Morrison         48  shoot off

Philip Hepler           48

Joe Magarelli           42

John Ford                39

JD Garland              33  (new shooter)

Pam Morrison        17

Josh Johnson         11  (new shooter)


Ron Brown            48

Chris Corey           43

Curt Hathaway    34


Raymond Hawkins     52

Gary Palinkas              50

Paul Porch                   44

Art Claudino               41

Piston Class

Jonathan Reyes          46

Mike Finchum            40

Unlimited Class

Sue Smith                    40

Junior Class

Noah Piatt                    34

Emma Johnson           13  (new shooter)       


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Raymond Hawkins
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2018-07-30 14:16:56  

Big thank you to Will and Ginger Piatt for running another great match. The course layout, food and fellowship is always top notch. You guys are so appreciated.

I’d also like to thank you publically for your great help with trying to make me a better shooter and open class competitor.

I’ll try posting a couple of the pictures sent to me after the match. Both mean a lot to me but the one of you presenting me with this award is priceless. Thanks again for helping me and everything you do for us.

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Raymond Hawkins - A mere sinner saved by grace.

Bill Day
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2018-08-01 13:35:09  

Excellent shoot Will, and great turnout. Congratulations to all the Top shooters and to a newbie   I recently shot with at the Crosman event.  Good job in the shoot off  Jody. 



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