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Mountain Magic FT Match - Ennice NC - May 4  


Scott A.
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2019-04-08 18:39:42  

Will and Ginger Piatt invite you to Ennice to shoot on a beautiful course.  The site of the 2015 Nationals.

It will be 17 lanes and 68 shots at about 33T with no wind.   This is a THAGC sanctioned match and THAGC waiver is required at the event.

Lunch will be provided on site and the Piatts ask you to contribute towards the meal at the event by dropping a few bucks into the cookie jar.

If you have never shot in Ennice (and even if you have) you are in for a treat.

Gates open at 7:30am.   Match starts around 9:30am.


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Will Piatt
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2019-05-03 12:51:30  

The latest forecast is no rain until the afternoon so come on and shoot.


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