Match Report: Hefli...

Match Report: Heflin, Alabama HFT Match 11.3.18  


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2018-11-10 22:34:31  

Hi All,

Last Saturday was an outstanding day for some HFT in Heflin!!  It was warm, mild with light winds, a great day to knock down some targets.   We had a new shooter out, Mr. Johnny Johnson.  Johnny has been coming to the range for quite a while but finally gave in and shot tome HFT.  His score of 41/60 is an outstanding score for a first match.  
I have attached the updated match score sheet and the equipment sheet.  If there are any discrepancies please let me know.  Also, I'm changing the score cards so that there will be an area to list your scope type.  If you will look at the Equipment Sheet and let me know what scope you're using, I'll update everything. 
Just an update on our upcoming changes at the range.  Ben and I were able to get a few things done out on the FT practice range.  For those that are not aware, the wooded area right across the road from the covered Sight In area has been designated as a dedicated practice area.  There will be multiple lanes providing a variety of angles and distances.  This will provide competitors with the opportunity to fine tune their game over in the "woods" and be ready for the match.  We will be working to have this done before the December match.  
We have more exciting announcements coming in the near future.  Don't forget to like us on Facebook.


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