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Match Report DIFTA March 11  


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2018-03-11 21:14:50  

The inaugural 2018 DIFTA match was shot on Sunday March 11. The day started with temps in the high 20s, but with the sun out, temps climbed above freezing during the match, ending with a balmy 40°. Winds were light and variable, so some doping was needed for a few shots, but generally it was good shooting weather. With no leaves on the trees, and the sun on our backs, scopes were a bit washed out for some lanes.

 Perhaps because people forgot to set their clocks forwards, or possibly because it was tempting to lie in bed, only a hardy trio of diehards turned out for the match. As a result, we invented a new sport: FT Biathlon, and instead of running strings, sprinted down the lanes to manually reset targets after each string. To keep things moving, we started on three adjacent lanes, with one shooter per lane, and worked our way down the 60 shot course. Although Paolo promised an easy start to the season, with a 27 Troyer average for the match, a 47 T target (1” kill zone at 43 yards) remained unblemished at the end of the match, while two rapid fire (3 targets total time 2 min) and two off hand lanes kept us on our toes. It was great to see Jeff Deyesu after a long absence, who in Hunter Division impressively followed Vince by only 2 points even though Jeff left his doping table at home! Mark Mayer acted as match director.

 We hope more shooters will join us for the next match on Saturday April 7. Paolo should be back, and the grill fired up.

Shooter Rifle Scope Pellet Division/Class Score out of 60
Mark Mayer Daystate Air Wolf .22 (19 ft-lb) Sightron SIII FT 10-50x60 H&N FT 14.66 Open 52
Vince Sempronio FX Cyclon Hawke 8-32x56 JSB 13.4 Hunter 41
Jeff Deyesu Taipan Mutant Aztec 5-25 JSB 10.3 Hunter 39


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