June 8th GOB match ...

June 8th GOB match is a GO  


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2019-06-07 16:45:55  

Roz has been watching the radar and it looks good for tomorrow (Saturday). So we WILL hold the scheduled GOB FT match tomorrow June 8th.
See you there; sight in at 8, match at 9. $5 fee.

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2019-06-09 12:11:41  

Despite threats of storms and rain along the way down to Roz's Hollow at Pulaski, TN, we had a nice day for field target. No rain and very little wind and towards the end, even a little sunshine.

We had 8 shooters with 3 in the WFTF class, 1 in the hunter class and 4 in the Open class. There was a tie for overall between Ray Barnett (Open) and Danny Ayers (WFTF) with each scoring 53/60 on a pretty tough course. Roz continues to play with us by moving and changing the course. I figure he has got to have problems sleeping at night. Harold was able to make it down and had a score of 50/60 in the WFTF class with a new Thomas. 

Match results -

WFTF class-

1. 53/60/Danny Ayers/Thomas Carbine/Leupold Comp 40 /JSB 8.4

2. 50/60/Harold Rushton/Thomas/Leupold Comp 35/JSB 8.4

3. 40/60/David Slade/Styer 110/Nikko 10-50/JSB 8.4

Open class - 

1. 53.60/Ray Barnett/TM1000/Aeon 10-40/AA 10.3

2. 47/60/Roz Sumpter/TM1000/BSA 10-50/AA /10.3

3. 44/60/Cliff Smith/B&L  8-32/AA 10.3

4. 30/60/Pat O'Brien/Nikko 10-50/JSB 103

Hunter class-

1. 11/60/Brent Browning/Maximus/UTG/JSB 8.4  

We may be able to squeeze another match in at the GOB's towards the end of June, so keep your eyes open.

Hope to see you soon,




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