July 21st FT Match ...

July 21st FT Match in Concord CA - United Sportsman Range - Diablo Rod and Gun  


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2019-07-16 21:17:43  
Some old friends came out to share good times, good weather and good targets. The range setup was unique with many lanes having three targets per.  There were SIX Offhand targets, but the Match setup gods were kind to us. The KZ's were large enough for us to find the paddle fairly frequently.
Shooters we hadn't seen for quite some time came out and proved the rust was not slowing them down. I'd argue that they might have shot as well as they ever had.
We did have an opportunity to shoot in an opposite direction in Bay 5- some lanes were East and one was West- the wind played havoc, but the scores were grand. The lowest Hunter PCP score was still 77 % (!).
Mid match, Concord Rod and Gun started an Action pistol event in Bay's 2 & 3, but besides needing earplugs (anyone near Dave C. needed them anyways 🙂 ) we ran the match, as Frank S. say's: "Our Way".
John B. even had a chance to cross pollinate with the Concord club and show them how to use a powder burner.  The rifles ran from FX's, Daystates, a modded Marauder (I think the only thing left from Crosman was the shroud), Crosman FT pistol, Feinwerkbau and what ever you would call Jim P's Frankengun.  BTW, he can shoot it just fine.
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The action pistol shooters have two other Sundays and four Saturdays.

Caving in again.

The air gunners have insured the range has stayed open. 

Typical leftists..

Stay safe and free..

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