January 27 CCGC mat...

January 27 CCGC match report  


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Central Carolina Gun Club Match Report – 2018 January 27
Location: 3668 Fleming Graham Rd., Burlington, NC
Temperature: 44-58 °F
Wind: Primarily out of the East and calm to 5 MPH
Number of Targets: 30 (60 points maximum)
Average Distance: 29.7 yards (7 targets over 40 yards)
Average Kill Zone: 1.12”
Course Difficulty: 29.7T


Scores for Jan 27 18 report


Well everything in this match report is second hand information, but I’ll get to that in a minute.  The weather certainly cooperated for the match and was a welcome relief to the recent cold blasts and snow.   Plus, the wind was not a big factor this time.   We had twelve shooters, and a visitor all the way from Spain.


This was our first match with the new compact range layout.  We still retain the ability to safely shoot in almost all directions.  The new sight in range is a great improvement over the area beside the pond we had been using.  We still have to close the sight in range when the match begins, but we will work toward an area that can remain open during the match.  This is an overhead view of new FT range.

FT range layout


Will Piatt continues to show the winning form he had in 2017 only dropping one point for a final score of 59.  Also in Open, Scott Allen shot well with a score of 54, followed by Paul Porch with a 48, and Artie Claudino with a 30.  There were five shooters in the Hunter category.  John Ford has obviously figured out his new scope as demonstrated with a score of 48.  Joe Mags shot a 40, Joseph Morrison inched out Jody Morrison’s 25 with a 26, and Dave Bingham finished with a 14.   Chris Corey was first in WFTF posting a 50, followed by Don Armstrong with a 30.  Ron Birnbaum was the sole piston WFTF shooter, and finished with a 33.


I’d like to acknowledge the shooters and their continued willingness to pitch in and help out with any/all aspects of the match.  For example, I got sick and couldn’t attend the match, (trust me, you would not have wanted me at the match).  All it took was a phone call and the match went on as planned.  FT shooters are the best.


Thanks to everyone that participated.   The next match is February 24.

Gerald Long

Central Carolina Gun Club


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Thanks for the report Gerald.


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