Invicta "wash out" ...

Invicta "wash out" match June 2018  


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2018-06-25 12:15:57  

Posted for David Slade:

The day started out promising, with, according to Cliff Smith, just 42 percent chance of rain, in the end just two shooters managed to finish the course before the heavens opened and a deluge dropped on us -  I hope everyone’s equipment survived in one piece. After most left, Danny Ayres, Jeff and James Hale and myself stuck around to try and finish the course, Danny and I managed as we had just two lanes left, unfortunately Jeff and James had four lanes left and the rain returned before they could finish - it was quite tricky as it got extremely dark and hard to find and parallax on the targets!
As a side note, Jeff brought his nephew out, letting him borrow his spare Air Arms, only to have him get two more points more than Jeff - I think we will be seeing more of James...
Instead of putting down a bunch of DNF's (did not finish) I will put the scores down with the amount of targets shot, and an * means the shooter didn't complete one or both of the forced position lanes.
As for a match winner, well Brad shot with Harold and they BOTH shot a 51/60 before the rain started - excellent shooting by both!
Next match is July 14th at Roz's, I hope the weather will be kinder to us then, thanks to all nine shooters that travelled to shoot here,
David Slade
World Class PCP
51/60 Harold Rushton    TM1000        Leupold 35x        JSB 7.9
48/60 Danny Ayres       Thomas        Leupold 35x        JSB 8.4
43/60 David Slade         Steyr 110      Nikko 10-50        JSB 8.4
World Class Piston
51/60 Brad Troyer           TX200        Sightron 10-50    AA 8.44
Open Class
40/56 Roz Sumpter*        TM1000       
34/54 Rick Thompson    TM1000        Sightron 10-50    JSB 10.3
33/42 Cliff Smith*            TM1000        Bushnell 8-32    AA 10.3
20/36 Pat O'Brien*           TM1000        Nikko 10-50     JSB 10.3
Hunter Class
36/48 James Hale           AA 500        ?
34/48 Jeff Hale               TM1000        ?
12/46 Brent Browning*      Beeman R1    ?

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2018-06-25 12:21:14  

Pat, you need to speed up.  😀 

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2018-06-27 20:21:06  

Cliff and I were just cruising along when the storm came up. I was shooting to the right on the first lanes and finally got things going my way towards the end of the match. Would like to have been able to finish lanes 8,9 & 10 after cleaning the last 2 lanes, but we got drowned. I came home and made up my mind to leave everything alone on the setup. Roz has been trying to get me to do that for months.

Hope to see you back this way soon,




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