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Invicta May Match report  


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2019-05-20 12:52:45  

Posted for David Slade:

We had ten folks come out to shoot, it would have been more, but somehow life just keeps getting in the way of us having FT fun! A truly beautiful day with actually very little wind to mess with our scores, and yet for almost everyone a high score was beyond our reach, only one person attained more than 50 ex 60, as usual i had a bunch of excuses why my score was bad, if you have my book "101 field target excuses" i will simply say numbers 23, 56, 44 and 93, and I haven't used one of those excuses in years.... for those without my book, I shot my first target with my scope turret spun one rotation up.....
Danny Ayers was the one firing on all cylinders this time, he shot an awesome 54/60, twelve points above the next highest score, so congratulations to Danny!
There was a two folks in Open Class that tied for first place in their class, but neither wanted to do a shoot-off, and Cliff had technical issues with his rifle and didn't finish the course.
Roz said that if the weather behaves he will be hosting a match this Saturday, with all the rain we have had he hasn't had a chance to have a match there this month, and even though it is Memorial weekend, hopefully some folks can make it out to play.
David Slade
Match Winner
54/60 Danny Ayers     Thomas            Leupold 40x          JSB 8.4
World Class
54/60 Danny Ayers     Thomas            Leupold 40x          JSB 8.4
42/60 David Brown      Daystate GP    Bushnell 8-32         AA 8.4
32/60 David Slade       AA EV2           Bushnell 8-32         JSB 8.4
Open Class
40/60 Jeff Hale           HM 1000          Aeon 10-40             AA 10.3
40/60 Roz Sumpter     TM 1000          BSA 10-50              AA 10.3
28/60 Jim Baumann    Marauder         Bushnell 8-32          AA 10.3
Pat O'Brien                 TM1000          Nikko 10-50            JSB 10.3
Cliff Smith                  Huntsman       Aeon 6-24               JSB 8.4
Piston Class
27/60 Steve Vines       TX200            Bushnell 8-32          JSB Express
Hunter Class
18/60 Brent Browning   Maximus         Leapers                 AA 8.4
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20190518 112307
20190518 103715
20190518 103700
20190518 102012
20190518 101946
20190518 101929

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2019-05-20 19:35:16  

Sorry I couldn't make it guys.......

It was my youngest boys 7th birthday and we spent the day in Memphis at the zoo.

Congratulations Danny nice shooting!

Til next time

Ray Barnett

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2019-05-22 17:50:24  

Thanks Ray!  It was a nice day for the zoo I bet, but we missed you.



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