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Invicta March Field Target Match Saturday, March 23  


Brad Troyer
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2019-03-21 06:31:39  

Invicta FTC will be holding their first field target match of 2019 this Saturday, March 23. Sight-in starts at 8:00 am with a shooters meeting around 8:45 am and match start at 9:00 am. We are expecting clear but cool weather so come on out and shoot! See you all then.

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2019-03-22 19:33:07  

Hey Brad,

See you in the AM. Steve V, if you are on, give me a call.

Bob, come on down if you can.


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2019-03-25 12:06:06  

Posted for David Slade:

Ten shooters came out for our first match of the year, including first timer Bob Galbraith, who brought his air rifle out that wasn't zeroed in, he had fun and I hope we see more of him at future matches.
Most of us were still blowing away the cobwebs off our equipment, but Danny was on a mission to improve on last weeks match at Roz's - and he did! The strong winds threw everyone, especially the one that didn't think there was any wind.... its okay I won't mention who that was Pat, so you are safe...Brent Browning got his first ever clear lane, way to go Brent!
Roz said to tell everyone that he hopes to host a couple of extra matches before the big match in Baton Rouge the end of April, so keep an eye on the weather and one of your e-mail for any last minute announcements for matches!
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47/60 Danny Ayres        Thomas       Leupold 40x              JSB 8.4 Exact
45/60 Harold Rushton*  Thomas       Leupold 35x              JSB 7.9 Express
45/60 David Slade*         AA FTP900 Nikko 10-50              JSB 8.4 Exact
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28/60 Rick Thompson      TM1000      Sightron 10-50       JSB 10.3
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19/60 Brent Browning       Maximus     ?                               ?
1/60 Bob Galbraith            Gamo Whisper  Hawk                CP hollow point
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