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Invicta FTC September match results  


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2018-09-18 06:55:40  
Posted for David Slade:
Harold's second outing with his new Thomas was very respectable, once again he got the top score, I hate to think what his scores will be once he has all the wrinkles out of his new set up!! Second highest score went to Danny Ayers, shooting a....Thomas... go figure?

Even though we are hundreds of miles from Hurricane Florence, it seemed like we did get some strong-ish gusts of wind during the match to make it interesting!  Our regular scheduled match was moved due to the Pyramid Air Cup in Ohio next weekend, but we will be back to our usual time slot for next month, and Roz's match will be the 13th of October, one week after the Nationals in NC. 

Temperature was still very warm, almost looking forward to fall, well almost - hard to believe with the weather being what it is, but our 2018 FT season is drawing to a close very soon, in fact after Roz's match at the GOB/Roz's Hollow, we have one regular match left, October 27th, and then the Tennessee State match on November 10th, and that will be it for regularly scheduled matches for the year, hopefully we can squeeze some unscheduled ones in between then and March....
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Match Winner
55/60 Harold Rushton        Thomas         Leupold 35x     JSB Express
World Class
55/60 Harold Rushton        Thomas         Leupold 35x     JSB Express
52/60 Danny Ayers            Thomas        Leupold 35x      JSB 8.4
47/60 David Slade              AA FTP900  Sightron 10-60   JSB 8.4
Open Class
47/60 Cliff Smith                TM1000        Bushnell 8-32    AA 10.3
45/60 Roz Sumpter            TM1000        Sightron 10-60    JSB 8.4
24/60 Pat O'Brien               TM1000        Nikko 10-50        JSB 10.3
World Class Piston
47/60 Brad Troyer               TX200          Sightron 10-60    AA 8.4
27/60 Steve Vines               TX200         Bushnell 8-32      JSB 7.9
Hunter Class
20/60 Brent Browning           Maximus    Leaper 6-24        JSB 8.4



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