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Invicta FTC May Match Results  


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2018-05-22 14:34:01  

Posted for David Slade:

Perfect weather met the seven shooters that made it out to the Invicta May match - we had it a week early due to the Southern Open being the following weekend - I have been moving targets slightly further out to test how well the scores faired, combined with some deceiving winds the scores show I might have them in just the right spot!

Danny Ayers shooting World Class got top score of the day, three points ahead of open class shooters Cliff Smith and Roz Sumpter.

Match Winner
48/60 Danny Ayers Thomas Leupold 35x JSB 8.4

World Class
48/60 Danny Ayers Thomas Leupold 35x JSB 8.4
42/60 David Slade AA RN10 Leapers 8-32 JSB 8.4

Open Class
45/60 Roz Sumpter TM1000 Sightron 10-50 AA 8.4
45/60 Cliff Smith TM1000 Bushenll 8-32 AA 10.3
41/60 Jim Baumann Marauder Bushnell 8-32 AA 10.3
40/60 Jeff Hale TM1000 Aeon 10-40 AA 10.3
38/60 Pat OBrien TM1000 Nikko 10-50 JSB 10.3

David Slade

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2018-05-24 05:16:34  

Nice shooting fellas, sorry I missed out...



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