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Jim G
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2019-06-23 16:56:47  

About a year ago, someone asked what scopes Hunter FT shooters were liking.  I am looking for a scope for Hunter FT, and would like to hear a 2019 update for those of you shooting Hunter FT.  A year ago, among other scopes, several that were mentioned were the Aztec Emerald 5.5-25x50,  the Hawke Sidewinder 6-24x50 and the Hawke Airmax because of its reticle.  I am not wanting to spend $1500 for a scope.  Clarity, ranging ability, reticle and illumination would be key.  Our FT range is in the woods, and some lanes get pretty dark.  Any comments and insight is appreciated.

Jeff D
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2019-06-23 17:41:25  

Can't help given your criteria but you can rule out the Aztec, at least the model I have. NO IR. although I think I read something about a new IR model somewhere recently. Honestly, while it was different scopes, I've never had a problem with a non-IR scope on a dark lane except when I tried a SWFA with a really thin reticle.

Jim G
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2019-06-23 19:35:46  

That's the problem I have......too thin a reticle.  Very difficult to see on a long dark lane.  It will be an IR scope this time.

Member of Trade
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2019-06-23 21:35:45  

shot my Aztec SSF 5.5-25 today in a FT match, likely dropped at minimum 4 shots today due to simply having retical disappear into the target face & background.

Having NO illumination with such a fine cross hair and dark shadowed or weirdly lit surroundings made is NOT the scope to use at 16X in HFT

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Sacramento Valley Field Target Club SVFTC Scott S

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2019-06-23 21:48:44  

Same problem. Under bright conditions and a light colored target it’s a great H scope. If not the 16X reticle goes away. 



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