HFT Match, Saturday...

HFT Match, Saturday Nov 3. Heflin, AL or "So you think you can shoot?"  


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2018-10-29 21:57:01  

Time for our monthly Hunter Field Target match.  Shooter's meeting is at 0800.   

We shoot by UKAHFT Rules, they can be found here>   https://www.sites.google.com/site/ukahft/2017-rules   

The only exception is that 20fpe rifles ARE allowed and are classed accordingly.  Also, if you have limited mobility we can accommodate this as well, just let me know ahead of time.  We don't want anyone to not try the game because of a power or mobility situation.  

So the question is, do you think you can shoot?   

See you Saturday!!


I’m on the new BOI and the old BOI ...😁


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