HFT Match Heflin, A...

HFT Match Heflin, Alabama will be shot on Sunday 12.2.18 (Updated with Match Report)  


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2018-11-30 00:36:31  

It was great to have everyone out today.  After the rain Saturday, Sunday was a beautiful day.  But a terrible day for a cold.  But even though I didn't get to play, it was good to see everyone for a few minutes.  

We had two new shooters today, Tempest Bradley and Brook Patel.  It was good to have you ladies join us and we're looking for the shooting the next year with you both!!  
Speaking of next year, our series begins.  Attached is the score sheet with the corresponding rankings.  I have included a key so be sure to check behind me.  2018 was a good start but we are going for real in 2019. We are planning our first regional match at the end of hunting season which will be in March.  This one will be a 60 shot match.  Thirty shots the morning, break for lunch and 30 shots in the afternoon with rewards following.  There will be no 2019 Series awards given for the March match.  Our 2 day match for the year will be in November 2019.  If you have shot 5 or the previous 10 matches at Gold level, you will receive a Platinum Award.  This is all about competing against  yourself but I like how this is handled in the HFT game.  
One more item of business.  We are up and running on the Weekend Match schedule.  Simply stated, our matches will be announced and continue on the first weekend of the month.  But you may shoot the match when it's convenient for you.  The score cards are available at the venue.  Just get a card, fill it out and shoot your score.  You can pay fees via PayPal or see me later.  There are a few more things to consider so please contact me if you are interested.  
Now to the match.  The scores are attached as is the equipment list.  If there is something on the equipment list that I have missed, please let me know.  
I would like to mention today's match high scorer, Raj Patel  Raj shot the high score on the course today with a 12fpe HW 95 in .177.  46/60.  That is an outstanding performance.  Congratulations Raj.  
We may shoot again in two weeks,  I'll keep everyone posted.  
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