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GOB match reminder 7/13  


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2019-07-09 18:30:53  

Just a reminder of the scheduled GOB FT match at Roz’s hollow this coming Saturday, July 13th.
Sightin from 7:30am, match at 9am. $5 match fee. Weather looks promising. Not too hot in the AM. Barely any chance of rain.
See you there.

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2019-07-12 05:50:59  

I do believe I'll be able to make this one.

See ya'll there -




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2019-07-14 23:31:12  

Good Ole Boy's match results - July 13, 2019

Good Ole Boy's at Roz's Hollow on Hardy Road south of Pulaski, TN.

Last Saturday was a very hot and  humid day under the pines, but at least it was dry and the wind was not too bad.  

The top shooter overall was Harold Rushton with a score of 55/60. Harold was first in the WFTF class and Danny Ayers second with a score of 53/60.

We had seven shooters in the Open class. Ray Barnett was tops in the Open class with a score of 53/60 and Roz Sumpter was second with a score of 47/60.

We enjoyed having a visitor from over North Carolina way. Jonathon Reyes came over and shot with us in the WFTF Hunter class and had a nice score of 45/60.


WFTF class - 

1. 55/60/Harold Rushton/TM1000/Leupold 35X/AA 8.4

2. 53/60/Danny Ayers/Thomas carbine/Leupold Comp 40/JSB 8.4

3. 44/60/David Slade/Steyr/Tasco 8-40/JSB 8.4

WFTF Hunter class-

1. 45/60/Jonathon Reyes/HW97K/March 8-80/JSB 8.4

Open PCP class -

1. 53/60/Ray Barnett/TM1000/Aeon 10-40/AA 10.4

2. 47/60/Roz Sumpter/TM1000/BSA 10-50/JSB 8.4

3. 45/60/Jeff Hale/HM1000/Aeon 10-40/Crossman 10.5

4. 44/60/Pat O'Brien/TM1000/Nikko 10-50/JSB 10,3

5. 42/60/Cliff Smith/TM1000/B&L 8-32/AA 10.3

6. 38/60/Bill Ellis/USFT/Sightron 10-50/JSB 10.3

7. 35/60/Rick Thompson/RAW500/Sightron 10-50/JSB 10.3


We may have something a little different for the upcoming State match at the Invicta range later in the year. David and Roz are talking

about having a 60 shot fun match at Roz's Hollow the Friday afternoon before the State match on Saturday. There will be no awards for

this fun match and it will not count towards points for the state championship, but it should be interesting and give everyone traveling

a chance to shoot both courses. The dates have not been settled, but Brad Troyer will be posting them soon.

The next match in middle Tennessee will be on July 27 at the Invicta range at Minor Hill. TN,  just a few miles West of Pulaski. TN.    

Hope to see you there,



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