GOB FT Match 3/16  


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2019-03-14 09:44:56  

Roz asked me to post to you all (y’all) that there will be a FT match at Roz’s Hollow this Saturday, March 16th. 9am start. $5. match fee. Enjoy.

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2019-03-15 16:50:10  

I'm planning on being there.  Haven't shot a match in almost a year and a half.

David B

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2019-03-18 11:16:26  

Finally, it has quit raining. Saturday was a pretty nice day for except for the temperature. With the wind chill, it was probably in the mid 40's. The wind was off and on, but fairly strong at times. Some of you folks up North probably think we are a bunch of wimps and you wouldn't be too far wrong. We were short a few folks that were expected, but don't blame them a bit. maybe this coming Saturday at Minor Hill will be better. It's looking like in the high 40's to start with, but up into the 50-60's as we go along. David gave us some good news. He has purchased an adjoining piece of property and will move a few lanes around to the north. The new lanes will have some steep downhill positions. David and Brad should be able to make the Invicta course pretty interesting. 

There were only 5 shooters with 3 in the WFTF Class and 2 in the Open Class. Top shot was a tie for 1st with David Slade and David Brown at 48/60. Pretty good considering the wind. Danny Ayers was in 2nd or I guess you I should say 3rd place with a score of 46/60. Good to see David Brown back for a while. 

I got to shoot with Roz and probably pulled him down to my level. We had a good time anyway, but Roz had to drop out after 8 lanes. Just hasn't got the stamina back yet. 

He still beat me shooting  just 8 lanes. Cold fingers affected both of  us. Roz finished with 35/60 with a DNF and I got 31/60. What can I say?

Wade Blalock came up to visit from just west of Chattanooga. He didn't bring a rifle with him, but I'm looking for him to come back and shoot with us soon. 


WFTF Class-

1. Tie/48/60David Slade/AA FTP900/Nikko 10-50/AA 8.4

1. Tie/David brown/DayState GP/B&L 8-32/JSB 8.4

3.46/60/Danny Ayers/Thomas/Leupold 35X/JSB 8.4

Open Class-

1. 35/60/Roz Sumpter/TM1000/BSA 10-50/AA 8.4

2. 31/60/Pat O'Brien/Nikko 10-50/JSB 10.3

This coming Saturday, March 23 the Invicta schedule will start up in Minor Hill, TN. It's just a few miles west of Pulaski, TN. David hasn't changed anything yet, so it will be the same tough course that we had last year. David Slade and Brad Troyer always have a fun course. 

You can always look forward to some interesting FT shooting in middle Tennessee with these two clubs.  

Good Ole Boy's - 2nd Saturday and Invicta - 4th Saturday

Hope to see you soon



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2019-03-18 11:25:05  

20190316 094446
20190316 120435
20190316 112343
20190316 105738

Sorry, didn't get a picture of Roz or Pat. 

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2019-03-19 07:51:40  

Thanks for the report Pat. Welcome back DB and thanks for the pics.  Great shooting by both David's, very tricky wind, for me at least.



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