FT Match Aug. 18th ...

FT Match Aug. 18th Diablo R&G - RESULTS  


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2019-08-15 19:18:56  

Oh, these are a few of my favorite things!
"When the far targets,
Fall like dumplings,
Clanging from the sting
Of pellets barraging
and metal starts to sing...."
Oh THESE are a few of my favorite things!

What a great day- started off windy, but turned temperate and mildly breezy.
Had a few bewitching moments: one lane, two targets, two strings, all in one line, the strings blowing in two separate directions- how is that possible?
None the less, great scores!
One first timer, one second timer and many old timers.
Gabriel- check!
Lonnie- check!
Bob Kidd!?! Checkmate!
New guns in Darren's and Son's hands, and John howling with his Red Wolf. Don't look too closely at that stock,you'll fall into that laminate sweetness and be blinded by its reflection.

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Bob Kidd with his Pirate Costume for Halloween:

[img width=600 height=450] [/img]

Gabe and Jim Poh Cosplaying Star Wars, Tatooiine Edition

[img width=600 height=342] [/img]
"10.34 Pellet into the corner pocket"

[img width=600 height=429]

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"Fred and Bob Kidd Fly Fishing-

[img width=600 height=450] [/img]

Jim Poh, determined to shoot his way through the berm

[img width=600 height=552] [/img]

Bob proving he is taller than Fred, once and for all

[img width=600 height=383] [/img]

Newest Attendee and future Hall of Famer:

[img width=600 height=550] [/img]

Honorable mention to Willem (yep, that's spelled correctly) 2nd Match, and kept up with everyone, despite the barrel of his gun breaking in half before every shot.

[img width=600 height=450] [/img]

Next week-> YOLO, and Bob may be attending there as well!!



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It's always great to see you guys.

Thanks for a fun match, Martin!


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