Field Target Sunday June 3rd @ Delaware County Field and Stream  


doug bruestle
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May 15, 2018 19:30  

Sunday June 3rd at DCFS in Middleton Pa.

This will be a 60 shot Field target match on the new "Original Course" or Upper Course

The targets have been shuffled since the first match and 2 new lanes have been added for this match to replace 2 of the shorter lanes.

15 lanes    4 targets per lane    1 shot per target

Trophies for 1st in each class: Hunter-  WFTF-  Open-  Pistol- Unlimited- Standing

Sight in starts @ 8am and will be held on the air rifle range not the field course.

Match starts @ 9:30am after a brief safety meeting held at the air gun shed at the top of the course @ 9:15

Cost: $ 5.oo

Contact Doug B. 267 471 2380

Address:  713 Creek Rd.  Middleton Township Pa.

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May 16, 2018 15:02  

Great course.  Great Fun!   Don't miss it!





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