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2019-08-21 12:42:56  

Hi All:

Roz Sumpter was telling about wanting to put a few Field Target matches on DVD from VHS and I told him that I could do that. Long story short: I did and it seemed as though everybody in our clubs wanted a copy, so I am now going to offer them to all of you.

be advised I do not nor is this any kind of business for me, I am only doing this so every one can view some of these by gone matches, the DVD will contain: 2004 Cajun classic;  2004 GOB, Good Ole' Boys: and the 1989 Florida State match, in West Palm Beach Florida with Rodney Boyce.

It takes me almost an hour to make one of these DVD so they will be 10 dollars US to any one in the lower 48, if you live else where contact me and I will figure what more cost or customs problems are???

These will be first come first served until I run out or my DVR breaks, I can take papal on these, but email me first at: this email will hold your place and which ever come first will get their copy first.


Jim Baumann


Price $10.00 to anywhere in the lower 48 states

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