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DIFTA next match Sunday August 4  


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2019-07-23 18:12:54  

Our next match is Saturday August 3 Sunday, August 4. Match fee $10 for IWLAWAC members and $15 for visitors. As usual it would be great to get help running strings starting around 8:30 am. Sight in and registration opens at 9:00 am. Safety meeting and squad assignments at 9:50. Match starts at 10:00 am sharp.

Due to yet more storm damage, with a couple of large trees and the widow maker finally falling but blocking lanes 11 and 12, we are down to 10 lanes until we can get things cleared up. Paolo will be setting a 60-shot match using lanes 1-10, with two forced position/limited time lanes. The average difficulty will be around 30T, with several shots above 40T and also a few easy shots that every one should hit.

The best way to get last minute match news in case of cancellations forced by weather is to join DIFTA@yahoogroups.com, a mailing list that we use to send out announcements and match results. To join email paolo@medeo.net with a request to join the list, and he will send you an invitation (check your spam/junk folders is you don't get it)

Directions to the course and other information can be found on the Chapter website
( http://www.damascusiwla.org/ )

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2019-07-30 21:12:01  

The current forecast for Saturday is Thunderstorms starting before sunrise and ending at 5 pm. We are considering moving the match to Sunday, when better weather is predicted. We would appreciate getting a head count by midnight tomorrow (Weds) for who can shoot on Sunday if we have to switch days.

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2019-08-01 12:21:10  

Match will now be held on Sunday August 4th.

Do not come on Saturday: nobody will be there.

Paolo Amedeo
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2019-08-04 21:12:23  

This weekend we had yet another demonstration of how unreliable the weather forecasts for our region could be.
Anyhow, despite the last minute change of date, we had twelve shooters including a brand new father and 8-years-old son team: Tim and Caiden Berkemeier.

The weather was great, although a little humid, especially earlier in the morning. No much wind to be concerned about. The challenge of the day was mostly the high contrast between direct sunlight and shadows. The 60-shot match had an average difficulty of 30T, counting 12 out of 30 targets with difficulty greater than 35T, with 30% of the shots at 40yd and beyond.

Despite being equipped with a rifle that was to big for him, Caiden did an impressive job starting by knocking down a 32T target and packing another ten knock-downs during the match.

Second highest score of the day (50) was shot by Brian, winner of the combined WFTF/Open PCP division.

By far the most popular division today was Hunter, with an equal number of piston and PCP shooters. Interestingly, all the piston shooters outshot all the PCP hunters, with Scott Broom taking the lead with 42.

As tradition, after the match we lighted the grill and shared a few good sausages and smoked pork chops.

The next match, weather permitting, will be Sunday, September 15. It is still not clear if it will be yet another 60 shot match, or will manage to clear the tangle of fallen trees covering lanes 11 and 12.

See you next month!

The DIFTA Staff

Shooter Rifle Scope Pellet Division Class Score
Caiden Berkemeier Daystate Air Wolf .177 Bushnell Elite 4200 6-24x JSB Exact 8.44 Junior, Hunter PCP 58
Brian Van Liew TM1000 Kahles 10-50 FT AA 10.3 WFTF PCP 50
Al Otter USFT #299 March X 8-80 CPH Open PCP 47
Michael Harris Anschutz 9003 S2 Precise Nikko Diamond 10-50x60 AA 8.44 WFTF PCP 45
Rick Bassett EV2 Leupold 40x AA 8.44 WFTF PCP 28
Scott Broom HW-97K Athlon Talos 4-14x44 JSB 10.34 Hunter Piston 42
William Myers TX200 Hawke 4-16x44 AA 8.44 Hunter Piston 40
Tom Strong HW97K Leapers 4-16 H&N FTT Hunter Piston 33
Paolo Amedeo TX200 HC Discovery 4-16x CPL Hunter Piston 31
Frank Moscarillo FX Crown .177 Hawke 4-16x JSB 10.34 Hunter PCP 29
Vince Sempronio Marauder .177 Hawke 6-20x42 AA 10.3 Hunter PCP 28
Tim Berkemeier Daystate Air Wolf .177 Bushnell Elite 4200 6-24x JSB Exact 8.44 Hunter PCP 24

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2019-08-05 10:57:44  

Great report Paulo!


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