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DIFTA - MD State Match Sunday, June 9  


Paolo Amedeo
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2019-05-30 18:40:30  

Hoping that the weather will cooperate, Sunday, June 9 we will hold the
Maryland State Match at DIFTA.

Finishing set up and sight-in at 8:30, Shooter registration between 9:00
and 9:30, Mandatory shooters' meeting at 9:45, first shot downrange at 10:00

It will be a 72 shot match with some forced positions and an average
difficulty of 28-29T. As usual, there will be a few "bonus targets" and
a few nasty ones to compensate with.

If there is enough interest, after the match we will light up the grill
and have our traditional potluck BBQ: bring something to share, or let
me know in advance you want a sausage.

See you in ten days!

The DIFTA Staff

Rochester Field Target
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2019-06-07 11:05:43  

Is the match still on? Rain looks light all day starting at 9am, but we need to start making plans.
When will the call be made and what method?

Sean McD

Paolo Amedeo
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2019-06-07 16:17:51  

The targets are set and I have secured a few sausage and smoked pork chops from the Amish Market in Easton, MD.

The weather is not cooperating 100% and there is the chance of a few showers during the morning (~0.01in of rain expected).

Therefore, the match will go on and, in the worst-case scenario, we could decide to delay or take a break to avoid the worst.

See you Sunday!

The DIFTA Staff

Jeff D
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2019-06-07 17:08:31  

Paolo, I might show up. Less for competing in the state match, more for shooting FT for once in the past year plus, This is a good weekend for me. Kids work all weekend and the wife is getting on my nerves (shh, don't tell her I said that). 


Edit... aint gonna happen. Well pump died. We are 'living' at home but have a hotel room a mile away for showers and stuff the girls don't want to do outside, well I guess there is some stuff the guys don't want to do outside either...  Sucks since I have 15o trees I just planted that I can't water. You all have fun!

Chris C.
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2019-06-08 14:26:37  

See you in the morning Paolo !!!!


Paolo Amedeo
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2019-06-09 21:25:47  

DIFTA - Maryland State Match - Report

This morning, fifteen shooters braved the weather forecast to compete in the Maryland State Match at DIFTA.

Luckily, the actual weather turned out to be much better than the forecasts: In the middle of the match we got a few light showers, mostly shielded by the tree canopy. The temperature stayed in the low-mid seventies and a light-medium breeze helped pushing a few pellets out of course.

The average course difficulty calculated at 28.5T. Eight of the 36 targets were beyond 40 yards. Five of the targets had a difficulty factor greater than 40T. Two of the twelve lanes were forced-position: one offhand and one kneeling.

Almost equal representation of Hunter (six PCP and one Piston) and WFTF (five PCP and one piston) divisions. Only two Open (one PCP and one Piston) shooters.

The best score was shot by Brian (69) followed at distance by Chris Corey (63). The breeze swirling in the woods, the very high contrast between light and shade, and some equipment malfunction caused some scores to be lower than expected and desired.

As usual, after the match we fired-up the grill and had a wonderful time over a few Amish grillers and smoked pork chops.


The next match will be Sunday, July 7. See you there!


The DIFTA Staff


Shooter Rifle Scope Pellet Division Class Score
Brian Van Liew TM1000 Kahles 10-50 FT AA 10.3 WFTF PCP 69
Chris Corey Steyr Challenge FT March X 8-80 JSB 8.4 WFTF PCP 63
Jimmy Williams AA S400 MPR-FT March X 10-60 HM AA 8.4 WFTF PCP 62
Skip Tenney Daystate Air Wolf Sightron 10-50x60 JSB Monster 13.43 Open PCP 56
Paolo Amedeo Marauder XL Leapers 8-32x56 CPL WFTF PCP 53
Keith Knoblauch Steyr LG110 FT Leupold 40 Comp. JSB 8.44 WFTF PCP 48
Rex Gori AA Pro Sport Leupold 6.5-20x40 JSB 10.4 Open Piston 61
Jay Hannon Weihrauch HW97 Bushnell 8-32x40 AA 8.4 WFTF Piston 59
Sean McDaniel Ataman R2S Hawke Airmax 8-32x56 JSB Exact Heavy Hunter PCP 57
Frank Moscarillo FX Crown .177 Hawke 4-16x JSB 10.34 Hunter PCP 55
Mark Moscarillo Daystate Regal XL Athlon Talos 6-24x50 JSB 10.34 Hunter PCP 54
Sue Tenney Daystate Regal Hawke 4-16x Kodiak Hunter PCP 54
Vince Sempronio Marauder .177 Hawke 6-20x43 AA 10.3 Hunter PCP 54
Eric Brewer Walther LGU Sightron SIII 10-50x60 JSB 8.44 Hunter Piston 53
Mark Sivatko Umarex Gauntlet UTG 4-16x JSB Heavy Hunter PCP 42

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2019-06-11 06:41:10  

Thank you Paolo and the DIFTA crew for having the match. Enjoyed chatting with my squad Sue and Skip and getting to know them better. 


Skip in WV
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2019-06-11 10:39:05  

Thanks Brian. We learned something from each other.  It was a good day. Both of us met our goals.

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2019-06-11 10:56:51  

Great match report. Looks like it would have been fun. Lot of familiar names. Hi to All.

Brian is shooting better than ever. Glad he went to WFTF this year 🙂 He has finally seen the light and is shooting a RAW now. LOL

Nice shooting from my Open class mate, Skip, as well. 

I'm going to have to catch one of the DIFTA matches.

Venice, FL


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