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DIFTA Match Announcement Sunday September 16  


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2018-09-11 07:38:23  

Sunday's match is on unless we get rained out by Hurricane Florence. Paolo is watching weather like a hawk and will post a final decision Fri night as the forecasts become more reliable. Main concerns are wind and rain which would make it dangerous to shoot in the woods.

Optional equipment allowed for this match only: Scuba gear, hard hats, and chain saws.

Paolo Amedeo
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2018-09-16 21:11:29  

DIFTA October 16 - Match Report

Eight shooters attended Sunday’s match which started cloudy but with the sun occasionally breaking through later in the day. Temps were in the low 70s; winds were negligible, the bugs and rain stayed home, but humidity was very high. The match, setup by Paolo, had 12 lanes each with three targets shot twice for a 72 point maximum score; we had one fast lane, of two minutes on the timer, and one forced position offhand lane. The average difficulty was 27, with one target of 40 and two of 44 Troyers, a couple of 3/8” targets, and 9 targets beyond yards to keep people on their toes.

Scott broom, a ‘novice’ FT shooter took first place in Hunter piston class with a very respectable 52 points, followed by Will Myers and Bob Kopper, a 1st time FT shooter we hope to see again. Two shooters competed in Hunter PCP class, with Frank Moscarillo scoring 45, beating Mark Mercer by just one point. Hector Medina was the sole shooter in WFTF with 40 points. Two shooters competed in Open Division for which Mark Mayer, the match director took the high score with 68 points.

We had a couple of legitimate protests, due to leaning targets which went down for 20 ft/lb guns but did not drop for 12 ft/lbs. We will fix this before the next match. Thanks to every for turning out, and for helping take down the course afterwards.

Next match will be Sunday, October 7.

See you soon!

The DIFTA Staff.


Shooter Rifle Scope Pellet Division Class Score
Frank Moscarillo FX Crown Hawke 3-12x JSB 10.34 Hunter PCP 45
Mark Mercer Marauder Aeon 6-24x JSB 10.34 Hunter PCP 44
Scott Broom HW-97K 16x JSB 10.34 Hunter Piston 52
William Myers TX200 Hawke 4-16x44 AA 8.44 Hunter Piston 41
Bob Kopper HW-95 Hawke 2-7x HN FT Heavy Novice/Hunter Piston 23
Mark Mayer Daystate Air Wolf .22 Sightron SIII 10-50x60 H&N FT 14.66 Open PCP 68
Tom Strong FX Crown .22 Aztec Emerald JSB 13.3 Open PCP 50
Hector Medina OCA WFTF D-54 Sightron SIII 29x JSB XP WFTF Piston 40

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2018-09-25 14:42:38  

I see I'm taking some measure of grief for classifying as a "novice" and scoring OK with a spring gun.   But come on now!  I swear this was my first ever carded match with an airgun (or a powder burner for that matter).  Sure, I shoot a bunch on the home range and I've been into this airgun thing for a few years, but I stand by my "novice" self-categorization for competition.  I guess I won't be doing that again, however!   I have recently joined Ike's WAC chapter.  I'll see you guys out there some more.


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