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Dallas FT Club Match Report, June 8, 2019  


Bob D.
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2019-06-13 16:53:21  

While you were mowing the grass, a few lucky folks took up a unique challenge.  The weather could not have been nicer for the first ever Field Target match at Kevin Enzian’s “Briar Patch” south of Boyd, Texas.

Just when it looked like Dallas FT Club would have to cancel its third match in a row due to monsoon rains or high water, Kevin decided it was time to offer his back yard for our June match.  And what a back yard… Kevin and Bob Dye took two days to plow 15 lanes on two acres, entirely under a post oak tree canopy.  And it was worth it.

Intrepid adventurists starved for some DFTC fun accepted the challenge, navigating the back roads to Kevin’s rural piece of heaven.  A couple guys went to the traditional Elm Fork venue first, then quickly realized the value in reading invites (top to bottom), then hustled out to Boyd, in time – more or less -- to make the match. No one complained about getting lost on the way, so the directions must have been good enough.

This lucky crew shot this match... you missed it!...

Twelve shooters decided this match could not be missed, including Jim Clarke from far off Southern Texas, and Michael Ashworth, who made the trip from Kansas, arriving Friday afternoon, then volunteering to help Kevin set out the targets (thanks, Michael).

The 60-shot match was designed to a deceptive 29.8 Troyer, with average target distance being 30.8yds, yielding a 5.73 standard deviation. Deceptive, because there was only one target at 55 yds (41T), which did not fool many.  Instead, a simple, 1-1/4” Weasel at 42yds (33.5T) in lane #1 proved more difficult.  Cliff Montgomery was the only shooter to knock it down twice.

Michael Ashworth shooting Open PCP

The far target in the standing lane was a real challenge at a mere 27yds.  I could see the 1-1/2” kill zone (but not the silhouette) from the shooting line with my naked eyes.  But through the scope it took a good 8-10 seconds to even find the target.  By that time, my off-hand hold got the severe wanders, so after several tries, I whiffed both shots on it.  I was not alone… 8 of 12 shooters took goose eggs, the remaining 4 shooters just one hit each (4/24 = 16%) on this 31T target.

Newcomer Eric Pianori put in a fine Hunter Piston performance

The Hunter PCP guys took the day, with four shooters tightly bunched in a group, Paul Walker and Bob Dye at 52, with Terry Vanpool and Kevin Enzian just one point behind at 51.  At only his second match, Eric Pianori took Hunter Piston with an excellent 41.  Cliff Montgomery shot a superlative 45 to win Open PCP.  With match highs offering only an 86% success rate, the course proved deceptive, indeed.

Thanks to new shooters Faisal Khan and Sailesh Kumar.  Lots of curiosity to learn and enthusiasm from these two, so I’m sure both have caught the bug.  Gotcha!

After all his hard work, shooting the match was Kevin Enzian's easiest part...

In the end, I think everyone had a great time.  The match ran a bit long, but that was due to unfamiliarity commuting to the new range, making for a late start, and time spent ogling the beauty of the new venue.  There were loads of compliments for the new course in the woods.  Many of you missed a really good time.  A big THANK YOU to Kevin for literally pulling DFTC out of the drink to host this match.  See you next time.  Bob D.



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