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Dallas Field Target Club Match Results, June 9, 2018  


Bob D.
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2018-06-11 11:30:50  

Saturday June 9 dawned clear and hot, the continuance of a 10-day long heat spell.  The forecast was for 95° or more, with humidity above 80% with light and variable winds.  And it didn’t disappoint, rising to 97° for the high.  Thankfully our match ended a couple hours before this.  There was the occasional hint of a breeze which helped our sweaty bunch feel slightly more comfortable.  And for June, which is normally “Chigger Month” turned out to be a bust, as no reports of swollen ankles came from this match (that I know of).

15 people signed up for this match, but one chose not to show-up and another decided not to shoot, probably due to the weather.  A third person decided not to shoot in order to help a new shooter learn in her 1st match (more about that later).  This left us with an even dozen participants.      

The match was 60 shots over 15 lanes, two targets per lane, of course, with one kneeling and one standing lane.

In addition to the heat challenge, this match was designed to be more difficult than any in recent memory… a 34.1 Troyer, with average target distance = 33.3yds, and average KZ size = 1.09.”  One target malfunctioned so had to be awarded as hits to all shooters.

Just as the safety meeting ended a man and his daughter appeared and asked to participate.  Kevin Enzian instantly took them under his wing, deciding to forego the match himself so he could teach young Gracie Wade the game with his equipment.

Gracie was very polite and enthusiastic, and her youthful voice filled the range with an energy which enlivened all we older blokes in the sweltering 95° heat and humidity.  Shooting to AAFTA rules, she posted a 30/60 score with Kevin’s help.  Oh, and I forgot to mention she is 12 years old!

Makes all the other scores seem ho hum, but here they are regardless.  Bob Dye led the match and Hunter PCP with a 53/60 (88%), followed by Terry Vanpool at 49/60 and Buddy Holland with a 47.  The close match was in Hunter Piston, where Bob Pacatte and Jim Clarke each posted 34s, and Cliff Montgomery was just one back at 33.  Mike Vredenburg put in his usual workman’s fine performance with 50/60 in Open Class, and Jeff Cloud flew solo in WFTF Piston with 46/60.  Welcome to Chris Coleman, who shot his first match with a Fun Rifle score of 25.  See the complete scorecard below.

Our next match will likely be another hot one on August 11th.   Meanwhile, registration for the 14th annual, 2-Day Republic of Texas Grand Prix (Sept. 15-16th) will open in a couple weeks.  Stay tuned for this announcement.

Results Jun9 2018

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2018-06-11 12:39:35  

Sounds like great scores considering the hardness of the course.  It sounds like Kevin needs to be a FT coach.  Great job Kevin.

David Enoch

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2018-06-11 14:37:21  

Thanks,  David.

It was a no-brainer for me.  From the time I picked them up in the parking lot and brought them back to the venue, she was showing so much excitement and brought a pad and pencil to take notes.  Their intent was just to watch for awhile and ask questions.  There was no way I was gonna let her just walk around watching.  The best way to experience Field Target is to sit down on a bum bag and try it.  And to hear her squeal when she knocked down the close target (twice!) on the Standing Lane was something everyone heard.  

After the match, we were sitting at the picnic table answering the many questions she and her dad (Corey) had and she was writing everything down.  She then helped us break down the course before they had to leave (an hour or more later than they had planned).

She was an absolute pleasure to work with and hope to see her at future matches.


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2018-06-12 15:36:05  

Still wished I could have been there. Will try for August.


Paul Porch
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2018-06-14 14:42:44  

Wow!  50% on her first try!

Good for her. Sounds like she is going to be hand full when she hits her stride.....


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