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CASA Field Target Results for 8-11-2019  


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2019-08-14 23:01:15  

WE had a nice day Sunday started to warm up to about 88  I was comfortable but warm, some said it was hot.

We had  the father and son Millers come by for their first try. we hope to see more of them.

DANA WYSE came by to shoot, he is from Northern California And drove down to CASA.


Kelly Hawe         OPEN PCP    DAYSTATE CR97   BSA 10-50  JSB 10.34         47/48  98%

DANA Wyse       OPEN PCP THOMAS CARBINE MARCH 10-60  JSB 13.4     41/48  85%

RICK ROGERS  OPEN SPRINGER    TX SR    HAWKE 8X32      AA7.9            41/48  85%

LD                        PCP FREESTYLE   USFT           S&B                     JSB 8.5-4      40/48  83%

JOHN KNAP        PCP  HUNTER        USFT   HAWKE 8X32        JSB                38/48  79%

COLBY DYCK  PCP HUNTER  HATSAN  HAWKE                         JSB                26/48  54%

JIM S                      ?                 DISCO MOD           UTG 4-12       JSB 13.43         25/48  52%

RON JOBBES     OPEN SPRING   WHISCOMBE 50   BUSH  32X AA 7.8          23/48  48%

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