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BCSA (Broome Co. Sportsmens Assoc.,Binghamton, NY) June 8th Match Results  


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BCSA (Binghamton, NY) June 8th, 2019 Match Report

Our 2nd match of the 2019 season at BCSA (Broome County Sportsmens Assoc. - Binghamton, NY) is complete! We had an excellent weekend weatherwise. This is actually the first time since September 2018 where we’ve had 3 consecutive days with no precipitation in the forecast! Brights skies were plenty………but there were plenty of dark lanes that gave the participants for the day fits of disgust! Temperatures started in the upper 50’s and rose to near 80. The wind went from calm to mild to gusts near 20 mph then back down again…………this also left quite a few people scratching their heads!

My wife Pat and I went to the range to set-up Friday around noon. With all the wet weather we’ve had, cleanup and prep work took a bit longer than usual, but we got it done.

Match day, we arrived, pulled strings, set-up the sight-in range and Game On! The competitors for the day started to arrive shortly before 8am. Bill Day was among the first to arrive after the long trek from the State of Maine. While people were sighting in, Pat and Janet Manktelow handled all the clerical stuff and kept everyone in line. Also, Mike Norris brought along a bag full of hats that were embroidered with a Field Target logo for sale. The ladies handled the sales of those too. Thanks!

After our sight-in period, we made our way over to the Field Target range to start the match festivities! Among the competitors for the day, we had a new addition to our range…Tom Hall. Tom made the drive up from downstate NY and shot both the rifle match and the pistol match hunter style using his Crosman 1720T with a Leapers 2-7 power scope!

[img] [/img]

The layout for the match had 15 of the 30 targets beyond 40 yards (7 of which were beyond 50 yards)  with 1 standing and 1 kneeling lane for a difficulty of 35.38T. The tricky little wind definitely caused quite a few misses! Even though the wind was mainly light, the times that it picked up definitely made things interesting. On lane 10 for example, your wind flag could be blowing dead left yet the tall grass near the target would be showing it was blowing dead right! Who knows what was going on between the 2 points!

A couple of the guys were testing out and getting the hang of their newer acquisitions. Jerry LaRocca was trying a different barrel on his Anschutz 9015, Paul Manktelow was giving his $20 FX Crown a run in Hunter PCP, Brian VanLiew was using his recently acquired TM1000 in WFTF PCP, Sean McDaniel was using his Ataman that just came back from some down south R and R and Dennis Himes was testing out his new scope……………guess it works Dennis since you got Match high!

The $20 FX Crown

[img] [/img]

We had 1 cold line due to Louis Hopewell shooting off a reducer on a target. The Pounded Paddle reducers we use, have a spring clip on the back. Just had to pop the reducer back in place and put a little more tension on the spring and we were back in action!

As people finished up the 10 lane 60 shot match, the competitors handed their cards to the Ladies who checked and finalized them before we handed out the awards.

We had a tie for 3rd place in Hunter PCP. Tom Himes decided to give Bill Day the award. After the conclusion of the awards presentation, we took a short break while we pulled the strings for the pistol targets. During the break, people chatted, tried each others equipment and generally hung out.

We had 6 Hunter Pistol shooters for the match along with 3 of us re-shooting the course with our rifles. Craig Evans had an equipment failure and took a DNF. He said he’ll definitely have to get it on the bench to see what happened.

There were no cold lines during the Pistol match. The difficulty for the match was 32.54T, with no forced position lanes.

At the conclusion of the pistol match it was found that there was a tie for first place between Eric Brewer and Sean McDaniel. Kevin Kunkle decided that they shoot a Gamo Turkey target at 12 yards with a 1.25” KZ for the shootoff target…………WAIT, he told them to shoot it standing! Sean went first………..miss, Eric was able to connect on his first shot…………….Victory!

[img] [/img]

All the remaining people jumped in and helped with the teardown which included using the new string winders donated from Sean since the mason string winders we used took too long to wind.

Thanks to all that came out to play in what turned out to be another awesome day! That’s 2 matches in a row with no rain forecast! Also a big thanks to Pat and Janet for keeping us all in line!

Match Photos cane be seen here:

BCSA 6-8-19 FT Match

Rifle Match Results (60 Shot Match):

Name Class Rifle Optics Pellet Score
Nic Gregoris Open - PCP Benjamin Marauder Hawke Airmax 8-32 AA 10.34 29
Mike Norris Open - PCP Thomas Carbine Sighton SIII 10-50 JSB 13.43 26
Jerry LaRocca WFTF - PCP Anschutz 9015 Sighton SIII 10-50 JSB 8.4 45
Brian VanLiew WFTF - PCP RAW TM1000 Kahles 10-50FT AA 10.34 41
Mike Harris WFTF - PCP Steyr LG100 Sighton SIII 10-50 AA 8.44 33
Kevin Kunkle WFTF - PCP Anschutz 9015 HP Sighton SIII 10-50 AA 8.44 28
Nathan Thomas WFTF - Piston Walther LGU Bushnell 8-32x40 AA 8.44 41
Ray Apelles WFTF - Piston Diana D54 Bullpup March FX 5-40x56 AA 8.44 37
Glenn Thomas WFTF - Piston Walther LGU Bushnell 6-24x40 AA 8.44 24
Dennis Himes Hunter - PCP Daystate Red Wolf Sighton SIII 10-50 JSB 10.34 49
Sean McDaniel Hunter - PCP Ataman M2S Hawke Airmax 8-32 JSB 10.34 42
Bill Day Hunter - PCP Thomas Carbine Sighton SIII 10-50 JSB 13.43 39
Tom Himes Hunter - PCP Daystate Red Wolf Hawke ED 10-50 JSB 10.34 39
Craig Evans Hunter - PCP Crosman Challenger Discovery 5-20x50 H&N 9.57 29
Paul Manktelow Hunter - PCP FX Crown Hawke 4-24x50 AA 10.34 29
Dave Lee Hunter - PCP Daystate Harrier Bushnell 6-24x40 JSB 10.34 28
Tom Hall Hunter - PCP Crosman 1720T Pistol Leapers 2-7 AA 8.44 21
Louis Hopewell Hunter - PCP Gamo Urban Discovery VT-3 CPH 0
Greg Shirhall Hunter - Piston Walther LGU Bushnell 6-24x40 AA 8.44 36
Eric Brewer Hunter - Piston Walther LGU Sighton SIII 10-50 JSB 8.4 29
Bill Campbell Hunter - Piston Gamo Swarm Leapers 3-9 CPL 3
Miles Howard Hunter - Piston -- -- -- 1


Pistol Match Results (40 Shot Match):

Name Class Pistol/Rifle Optics Pellet Score
Eric Brewer Hunter - Pistol Crosman 1720T Optisan Viper 4-12 JSB 8.44 36
Sean McDaniel Hunter - Pistol Crosman 1720T Hawke 4-12 JSB 10.34 36
Mike Norris Hunter - Pistol Thomas Carbine Hawke 4-12 JSB 8.44 34
Bill Day Hunter - Pistol FX Ranchero Bushnell JSB 8.44 32
Tom Hall Hunter - Pistol Crosman 1720T Leapers 2-7 JSB 8.44 32
Craig Evans Hunter - Pistol Crosman 1720T UTG 3-12x44 H&N Sniper Med




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Sorry I missed the match, good shooting Dennis  49 match high.

see everyone at Crosman

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Super nice day to shoot. Thank you Greg and Pat! It was good to see a lot of the regular FT brothers and sisters. Also scored a cool hat from Mike N. 



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Thanks for the very nice report and congrads on nice turnout.  Obviously a very difficult match.

Rick B.

Richard bassett

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Great match, wind what wind, oh that wind!

Thanks everyone! 

See some of you at The Crosman.

Psst . . .  Jerry what did Kevin get????


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Great shoot! 

Thank you Greg and Pat for making this event happen!

Tom H.

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