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BCSA (Broome Co. Sportsmens Assoc.,Binghamton, NY) August 10th 2019 Match Results  


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2019-08-10 16:53:00  

BCSA (Binghamton, NY) August 10th, 2019 Match Report

Our 4th match of the 2019 season at BCSA (Broome County Sportsmens Assoc. - Binghamton, NY) is complete! AND We had yet another fine day for some Field Target.

Wasn’t sure what we were going to get for turnout since a few of our regulars are overseas shooting the 2019 Worlds. Hopefully they all had a GREAT TIME. We ended up with 21 competitors for the day. As usual, my wife Pat and Janet Manktelow handled all the registration duties…………..as always………..greatly appreciated Ladies!

After our sight-in period we made our way over to the Field Target range to start the match. The layout for the match had 14 of the 30 targets beyond 40 yards (6 of which were beyond 50 yards) with 1 standing and 1 kneeling lane for a difficulty of 34.24T. Temperatures started in the mid 50’s and rose to the low 70’s. The wind was variable all day, everything from a slight breeze to gusts in the 20’s! It made for an interesting and challenging match. As with last month’s match, brights skies were again plenty………but there were still plenty of dark lanes!

There were no cold lines for the match and things moved right along! We had started out with the 21 shooters, but a few dropped out early on since they were fighting gun issues. I brought out some targets from the past in order to give the shooters some variety. There were some Pounded Paddle, a Rhino and some old Turner “screen door” targets! Everything worked flawlessly!  

Some samples

[img] [/img]

[img] [/img]

[img] [/img]

[img] [/img]

After the completion of the rifle match awards were handed out and it was pistol match time! We had 3 shooters in Hunter and 1 in Limited. The layout for the pistol match had 1 standing lane and a difficulty of 35.24T. Along with the pistol shooters, Eric Brewer and Sean McDaniel shot targets standing an kneeling in order to get some positional practice in before the upcoming Pyramyd Cup. Brian VanLiew took to the lanes with a different rifle and re-shot the rifle course. Brian bettered his first round score and I added his results to the bottom of the rifle match scores

We had 1 cold line due to one of the rings on the target falling off. It was a quick fix and we were back underway! Yes, that has been added to the repair list! After the completion of the match, awards were handed out and everyone jumped in to help with the teardown………..As always, Greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks to everyone that came out in what turned out to be another awesome day! That’s now 4 matches in a row with no rain forecast!

The Pictures from Saturday’s match can be seen here: 8-10-19 BCSA FT Match Photos

The Results:

Rifle Match Results (60 shot match):

Name Class Rifle Optics Pellet Score
Craig Evans Open - PCP Crosman Challenger Aeon 8-32x50 CPL 16
Jerry LaRocca WFTF - PCP Steyr Challenge Sighton SIII 10-50 JSB 8.4 47
Brian VanLiew WFTF - PCP RAW TM1000 Nikko Diamond 10-50 AA 10.34 42
Tom Holland WFTF - PCP RAW TM1000 Kahles 10-50FT H&N FTT 8.64 39
Mike Harris WFTF - PCP Anschutz S2 90003 Nikko Diamond 10-50 AA 8.44 32
Kevin Kunkle WFTF - PCP Anschutz 9015 HP Leupold Comp 35 AA 8.44 25
Dennis Himes Hunter - PCP Daystate Red Wolf Sighton SIII 10-50 JSB 10.34 55
Tom Himes Hunter - PCP Daystate Red Wolf Hawke ED 10-50 JSB 10.34 52
Sean McDaniel Hunter - PCP Ataman M2S Hawke ED 10-50 JSB 10.34 50
Jeff Little Hunter - PCP Daystate Red Wolf Sighton SIII 10-50 JSB 13.43 47
Betsy Dunlap Hunter - PCP Benjamin Marauder Hawke  JSB 10.34 44
Ken Burley Hunter - PCP Benjamin Armada UTG 10x56 AA 10.34 35
Doug Dunlap Hunter - PCP FX 400 Hawke  JSB 14.3 31
Tom Hall Hunter - PCP Crosman 1720T Pistol UTG 2-7 AA 8.44 19
Sue Burley Hunter - PCP Crosman Challenger UTG 10x56 AA 8.44 15
Greg Shirhall Hunter - Piston Walther LGU Bushnell Elite 6-24x40 AA 8.44 43
Eric Brewer Hunter - Piston Walther LGU Sighton SIII 10-50 JSB 8.4 35
Paul Manktelow Hunter - Piston Walther LGU Hawke ED 10-50 H&N Sniper Med 32
Brian VanLiew WFTF-PCP 2nd Round FX 400 Nikko Diamond 10-50 JSB 7.8/7 47

Pistol Match Results (40 shot match):

Name Class Pistol/Rifle Optics Pellet Score
Tom Hall Hunter - Pistol Crosman 1720T UTG 2-7 AA 8.44 29
Craig Evans Hunter - Pistol Crosman 1720T UTG 3-12x44 CPL 21
Jerry LaRocca Hunter - Pistol Crosman 1701P UTG 3-12x32 JSB 8.44 8
Mike Harris Limited - Pistol FWB P70 Hawke 4-12 AA 8.44 17

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Pat and Greg


Thankyou for putting on the Match. Great job as always.

Jerry thanks for being a Great squad partner,

Some targets were a little tough to see in the dark."LOL"

FBD "The Legend"

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2019-08-10 20:40:27  

Thanks Greg and Pat for another fun shooting day !!




Rochester Field Target
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2019-08-11 00:07:56  

Greg, you always put on a challenging, fun, and enjoyable match. Thanks for all that you and Pat do for field target.
The group counselling session afterwards was an added bonus.

Sean McD

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2019-08-11 05:07:02  

Greg and Pat thanks again. 

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2019-08-11 20:26:55  

Thanks for the memories!  In between the foliage (in the dark) with just enough happy zephyrs to be confusing makes for a typical BCSA event.  Also, the folks make it fun. Well done.  


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Greg I had met you and Mrs Pat only once but you left a great and lasting impression on me. You also was very kind in giving me pellets that my prosport was sighted in on. Because like an idiot I brought the wrong tin. Additionally you were very patient and understanding of my questions when it came to us shooting springers. Brian Van ???? (Never knew how to spell your last name Brian, lol) is another awesome guy. God willing I hope to see both of you in September at DCFS


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