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BCSA (Broome Co. Sportsmens Assoc.,Binghamton, NY) September 14th 2019 Match Results  


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BCSA (Binghamton, NY) September 14th, 2019 Match Report

Our 5th Match of the 2019 Season Is complete. The way the weather forecast was playing out, we weren’t sure it was going to happen! Early in the week, the forecast was for 50%+ chance of showers and up to 30mph gusts! There was really no change in the forecast as match day approached. I sent out a warning of a possible cancellation and received replies like “looks good to me” and “man up”! Ok fine……..let’s see if the “build it and they will come” quote holds true!

We ended up with 15 competitors for the day!, of which one was a new shooter. Jim Danvers made his second trip to our match and has been doing some studying! Jim came to our last match as a spectator/semi competitor. He took a few shots the last time with Dave Lee’s rifle, but both retired early and headed back to the rifle range to work out some new numbers. This time around, Jim shot the match with his newly acquired Marauder and finished with a 26! On a pretty tough course with the wind…….Good Job! Pretty sure that there were others that had planned on coming, but were turned off by the forecast. Well we did get some rain……………just a couple of sprinkles during the pistol match………and that was it! Dry the entire rest of the day. When it sprinkled, it wasn’t even enough to thoroughly wet anything. Yes, the wind forecast was correct and it was overcast all day……I guess a 50% forecast is better than getting it 100% wrong! The wind did have a few lulls, but overall stayed between 10 and 15 mph with a few gusts throughout the match in the mid 20s. !

We started sight-in just before 8 am and as usual, my wife Pat handled all the registration duties with a helping hand from Janet Manktelow…………..as always………..greatly appreciated Ladies. After our sight-in period we made our way over to the Field Target range to start the match. This time around, when my wife and I set the course, we skipped the use of the tape measure. We did lay out a string at 35 yards to ensure none of the pistol targets were over that. As for the rifle targets, it was a free for all! We carried the targets out and dropped them where we thought looked good. I warned everyone in advance during the shooters meeting as to what we did and that there may be some targets that aren’t AAFTA Grand Prix legal. Sean McDaniel, Eric Brewer and I each used our rangefinders after we shot our lanes to determine the distances. All the numbers we wrote down were almost identical, so that was a good check. Looks like we didn’t do too bad of a job just randomly placing the targets. The course difficulty (without wind) was a 34.69T. We had only 1 illegal target which was a 1.25” KZ target at 46 yards. Definitely under the 50T max and only 3 feet beyond the max distance for that KZ size! Some other stats were 14 targets out of the 30 targets were beyond 40 yards and out of those 14, 8 targets were beyond 50 yards! The average yardage for the course was 35.90 yards! Definitely not a cake walk!

There were no cold lines for the match and things moved right along! We started the match shortly after 9:00am, and after running through the 10 lane 60 shot course………..we were done around 11:30am! After the completion of the rifle match awards were handed out and it was pistol match time! We had only 2 shooters this time around. Sean and Eric shot Hunter Pistol while a couple of us shot for fun/practice. Leo Gonzales shot with his hands only pistol! That must have been fun in that wind! Turns out that Sean and Eric tied and also decided to share the first place award!

Thanks to everyone that came out in what turned out to be a decent day! That’s now 5 matches in a row with no rain…….ok, we did have a few sprinkles! Also a big thanks to all those that helped with the teardown! Always GREATLY appreciated!

Our final match for 2019 is October 12th! I know a bunch of our “local” shooters will be returning from the Nationals, but hope to see all that can make it!

The Pictures from Saturday’s match can be seen here: 9-14-19 BCSA FT Match Photos

The Results  - Rifle Match (10 Lane - 3 Targets per Lane - 60 Shot Match)

Name Class Rifle Optics Pellet Score
Brian VanLiew Open - PCP RAW TM1000 Kahles 10-50 JSB 8.4 43
Nic Gregoris Open - PCP Benjamin Marauder Hawke Airmax 8-32 AA 10.34 38
Mike Norris Open - PCP Steyr Challenge Sighton SIII 10-50 AA 10.34 36
John Eroh WFTF - PCP Thomas Carbine Sighton SIII 10-50 AA 10.34 34
Kevin Kunkle WFTF - PCP Anschutz 9015 Sighton SIII 10-50 AA 8.44 21
Leo Gonzales WFTF - Piston Walther LGU Sighton SIII 10-50 JSB 8.4 42
Vasyl Povroznyk Hunter - PCP RAW TM1000 Aztek Emerald 5.5-25x50 AA 10.34 49
Sean McDaniel Hunter - PCP Ataman M2S Hawke ED 10-50x60 AA 10.34 44
Jim Danvers Hunter - PCP Benjamin Marauder Athlon AA 10.34 26
Louis Hopewell Hunter - PCP Benjamin Marauder Discovery 6-24 JSB 10.34 11
Miles Howard Hunter - PCP Benjamin Maximus Mantis CPH 0
Greg Shirhall Hunter - Piston Walther LGU Bushnell 6-24x40 AA 8.44 38
Eric Brewer Hunter - Piston Walther LGU Sighton SIII 10-50 JSB 8.4 31
Paul Manktelow Hunter - Piston Air Arms TX200 MkIII Hawke ED 10-50x60 AA 8.44 27
Doug Dunlap Hunter - Piston Air Arms TX200 MkIII Hawke 4-16x50 JSB 10.34 11

The Results  - Pistol Match (10 Lane - 2 Targets per Lane - 40 Shot Match)

Name Class Pistol/Rifle Optics Pellet Score
Eric Brewer Hunter - Pistol Crosman 1720T Optisan Viper 4-12 JSB 8.44 21
Sean McDaniel Hunter - Pistol Crosman 1720T Hawke 4-12 JSB 10.34 21

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Greg, thank you for prompt match report and great match set up. I had lots of fun, Vasyl.

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Greg and Pat


Thanks for the Great Match..

Always good to see the BCSA field target shooters.


FBD "The Legend"


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