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ASC January 2018 FT Match Results  


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FT Match Report Arlington Sportsmans Club 01/27/2018

The Arlington Sportsman's Club held our first monthly Field Target rifle match of the new year today. All week leading up to the match, there was a threat of rain, so I expected the turnout to be light. However, I was driven to have the largest attendance possible, so I began sending emails and text messages to my past shooter list in an effort to coerce or guilt them into coming. As the day got closer, the threat of rain was predicted to diminish by 8am, so I pushed guys to come on out for this first match, and was awarded with 14 shooters this morning! Thanks to all of you who attended today. All of the rain indeed stopped by 8am, and it was a cool and breezy day for our match. I made the match a little easier today, with 56 shots over 14 lanes, including 2 standing lanes (one on the archery tower, the nemesis of many shooters). The Troyer rating was 29.1, with an SD of 6.02, average KZ 1.21 inches, and an average target distance of 32 yards, including 36% of the targets beyond 40 yards. No one cleaned the course this month, but Terry Vanpool commented that he would have if there weren't 2 standing lanes (And that is why I put them in… : )

As mentioned in December, we delayed the start of the match until 10:00am, and I am glad we did, because it helped us wait until it was finished raining. We had a quick shooters safety meeting, warned the guys about muddy spots, squadded the guys together, and got started on time.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, but there was a little grumbling about target visibility due to the placement of a few targets by the devious MD, and some stray grass and tree branches that obscured a couple of the targets. I swear that those things weren't there the day before the match during setup and before the storm and wind last night. All I can say is that I will try to better to keep the grass and branches clear next time.
Jentry lining up for a shot with his HW97K in .22 caliber


Matt Sawyer shooting his AA FTP900

Matt and Scott heckling Cliff while he shoots from the tower

Multiple species of wildlife

Mark P shooting his HW97K

I was shooting with Jerry Cox today, and witnessed him 'clear' his first ever lane, and then follow that up with his personal best score. Jerry has been shooting for a while with us, and his scores have recently improved after some friendly assistance from Paul B on Jerry's Marauder. Very pleased to witness this achievement, Jerry.

At the end of the match, we turned in our score cards and tallied the scores with Terry Vanpool posting the match high score of 50/56 in Hunter PCP. First place in Hunter Piston was Jim Clarke with 42/56, first place in WFTF Piston was Craig Martin with 39/60, first place in WFTF PCP was Matt Sawyer with 45/56, first place in Open PCP was Chris Simmons with 44/56, and first place in Open Piston was Scott 'Plumber' Cotton with 33/56. We have so many classes that it seems like everyone won something this time. View the full list of all competitors' scores and equipment below.

Once again, thanks to everyone who braved the weather and came out to shoot and also help take down the course. You have no idea how much I appreciate your help to take down what takes me and a couple of others hours to setup. We will see you the 4th Saturday in February for the next match, but be sure to attend the Dallas Field Target Club match on February 10. Keep an eye on the forums in case we cancel due to foul weather.

See you at the next match,
Jeff Cloud
Field Target Match Director
Arlington Sportsman's Club

Link to photo album with more pics:

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Great match Jeff. I enjoyed the weather and would like to have the same for the rest of the year.

I appreciate you efforts putting these matches together.

ps. The standing lanes are fine, I can't hit the kneelers either.

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